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10 Unresolved Lingering Plot Threads/Plot Holes from FiM · 12:27am Dec 18th, 2019

As much as MLP’s finale wrapped very well. Plus considering the series finale we got this year, a show about pastel color pone did why did better then Game of Thrones and Star vs. the Forces Evil did with their finale, in my opinion of course. Considering how many plots thread it had to wrap up here throughout the series, it huge kudos turn out the way it did and not feel rushed. However, there were a few plot threads that manage to slip through the cracks, sadly. From threads that were meant to introduce to entire species to character whereabouts, these are unresolved plot threads and plot holes from MLP: FiM

10.) Cutie Marks
For one biggest attribute of the show and one biggest characteristic of the Equines in FiM, their purpose is left vague. Cutie Marks’ role within the was usually left vague or change when the episode when warranted. Their roles went from being a representation of “your true self” and/or your destiny, your special talent, or it was the physical representation of your favorite hobby. The fact we never get a true grasp on what cutie marks will remain on one of the basic parts of the show, left unresolved. I wish I could answer the question of what cutie marks, but its more or less multiple-choice and each answer could be right or wrong. I guess the viewers/fans make the call on that one. However, I could be reading the cutie marks wrong and mountain of a molehill and there is a simple problem. This is why it’s at bottom of the list

9.)Wounderblots and Why Rainbow Dash looks up to them

From time to time in the show, the Wounderblots were a group Rainbow Dash idolize since the first episode. However, for a group that RD looks up to, we never get a definite answer to what the group is. It varies from being Equestria’s military, Equestria’s Navy, and stunt performers. We see they have an academy very similar to that of a military/navy base, like in Wounderbolt Academy and other times, we just them as performers like in Sweet and Elite. The fact their occupation switches pretty every time they are screen is baffling.
Speaking of which, the Wounderbolts mostly every time they are screen makes me, at least, curious as into why RD looks up to them? Every time they are a screen, for the most part, they are corrupt, manipulative, and incumbent. The Wounderbolts are not the group RD built up and have been so eager to join. Sometimes I wonder about Wounderblots and if RD had improved them by the time she was promoted to be the head of the Wounderbolts

8.) Fluttershy’s job

Most of the mane six jobs are well defined throughout the series. Twilight’s was a librarian then a princess, RD’s job was weather maintenance than a teacher and Wounderbolts, Applejack was a farmer and teacher, Rarity’s was fashion designer than a CEO of her own company. However, Fluttershy’s job isn’t well defined. We know it has something to do with animals, but that’s the only detail we get. We might be an animal caretaker, but even then it's not said specifically and makes had starching when the episode in the series would have great befitted knowing what her job was. This one ponie's job we will never know

7.) Abandoned Castles and The Main Six Ruling Equestria
Yeah, I'm putting these two together because one leads to another to another. So in season 4, throughout the season, the mane six were restoring the Castle of the Two Sisters. However, as in the season 4 finale, the tree makes a new castle for them and season 9 it's totally destroyed. Hypothetically if one were would binge-watching the series up point, that this would be Twilight’s new castle and home for the rest of the series, but nope. Speaking of which, as confirmed by Big Jim, the castle was abandoned once Twilight moved back to Canterlot. Meaning the implied foreshadow that Twilight would rule Equestria from Ponyville was dropped, at least that how I interpreted it, which leads the season nine where the show bluntly stated that Mane Six would rule Equestria via Knights of the Roundtable. However, that doesn’t come to pass as Twilight rules Equestria alone and mane six do a monthly reunion and them ruling together is never brought up in the finale at all. So we have two abandoned castles that amount to nothing in the end beside a tease that doesn’t pay off and filler castle before Twilight moves back to Canterlot. Take about a waste of settings and foreshadow that amounted to nothing.

6.) Villain Backstories
Yeah, I'm bunching all these because of one thing all have in common, the villains in some way or another.
First up is Cozy Glow, and her backstory or rather a lack of one. We never get an answer to where she came from or who where her parents are, or if she’s orphan. Yeah, this first time we see here she’s outside the CMC’s treehouse, crying, just right of the blue. We have no idea how she got there; she’s not seen before that point in any of the background shots either. So I guess she’s going FiM’s “Joker”; A menacing villain with no origin.

Secondly, there is Triek and his origin, which the more we got, made more plot holes it made for the overall world and story of FiM. There is Scropan who was the opposite of Triek kind and wise. However, his current whereabouts are still and yet will be now unknown. That also goes doubly from where they came from, yeah get one line, in the finale, about their father King Vorak and vague notion from being “from a far land.” Outside of that, we have no idea what about their origins. Outside we got nothing which more questions then answers around Triek.

Speaking of which is Gorgar. Talk about disappointment. The series was exciting Grogar as MLP FiM’s answer to Thanos. However, it turns out Grogar this entire time was Discord. Along with the same metaphor, it would be like revealing Thanos all the time was Loki. That it turn left a bunch of questions from that revelation. The biggest being one being: Is Grogar alive or dead? If he is alive, where is he? Both answers to that question, at best, are unknown. This means Twilight for her rule will have to watch out for Grogar if he’s still alive.

5.) Romantic Ships

There have been romantic relationships sprinkled the series from Shining Armor and Cadence to more backgrounds, one like Lyra and Bon Bon. However, there are two that didn’t pan out then, and their subplots seem to vanish, be dropped, or both.

The first to come to mind is Sparity or Spike and Rarity. Early in the show, the first three seasons come to mind the show ships these two has hard Fry and Leela from Futumra’s seasons 1-4. The episodes, “A Dog and Pony Show” (S1E19) “Secret of My Excess” (S2E10), and “Inspiration Manifestation” (S4E23) all come to mind However when it comes to the later seasons, season 5 and up, the ship started just to fade away. Let see we see of this ship is the episode “Dragon Dropped” remained ambiguous if they will or will not be a couple or not. In that episode, Rarity starts feelings for Spike actually but goes nowhere at the end of the episode, nor the rest of the series. The ending is vague, but one could say they remain friends, but they aren’t couples is there sure. So much for the dangling chicken leg that was Sparity ship foreshadow in the early seasons.

Ok for anyone saying Equestria Girl isn’t canon to the show, it is. Sunset in her pony form was in one of the final shots of the show(Link Photo). Flashlight or Twilight and Flash Sentry, the ship was teased hard at the end of the first Equestria Girls’ movie and teased even harder in the follow-up, Rainbow Rocks. However, fan backlash hated this ship, and thus it was phased out starting in Friendship Games. Heck Twilight, in the finale, is heavily implied not to have an offspring.

4.) The Fate of Sunset Shimmer

The fact EQG is canon to the show, which is terrible news now because EQG is has got canceled. With that mindset, we will most likely leave Sunset’s character arc leave open and unresolved. We will never know who Sunset’s parents are nor if she will choose Earth or Equestria, in the end. It also leaves unresolved the crack coming from the mirror, shown at the end of Legends of Everfree Yes, a deleted scene (link here) from Friendship Games explored this, but its alternate ending, thus not canon. Yeah, I know most of her arch doing expected for a couple of unanswered questions (one of them being the crack on top of the mirror state as shown in the Legend of Everfree) and one plot thread left unresolved from the show’s canon. I guess we will never know the fate of Sunset Shimmer, sadly.

3.) Zecora: Her Species and Character
Zercora was introduced in the ninth episode of the show, and throughout season first three seasons she appeared in a lot of episodes either in the background or a cameo. However, after Twilight got her wings, she started appearing less and less. Heck, she hardly appeared in season six, and what is worse that her role in the show got reduced to plot convince and development, but not to flesh out her character or backstory. I bring this up because throughout the entire series Zecora is the only zebra we see. We don’t know anything about zebras outside of her. This ironic considering season 8 was about exploring Equestria and its many species, and yet the zebra were left still unknown. What is even sadder is the Big Jim and his team confirmed they would explore the zebra's homeland, but all the zebras would be rhyming; take that as you will. However, Twilight’s line about Zecora “being from far away land” is the only info well get a form where Zecora is from and zebras in the show.

2.Starswirl’s Spell from “Magical Mystery Cure” ( Season 3 Finale)

The season 3 finale change the whole show going forward from Twilight no longer being a student but rather a teacher and eventually ruler of a nation. However, its HOW she became an alicorn that is the problem. When Twilight said Starswirl’s incomplete Spell, it messed with the bearers and how it is up for debate. The episode presents in way that it messed with their memories, but then why is Pinkie manging the Apple Farm by herself and where is Apple Bloom and Big Mac? In that context, the spell also apparently changed history too because it seemed mess with citizen's minds well and no one seems to remember anyone. It seems more you think about this spell the bigger of a plot hole it becomes. All cames down to how the episode misinterprets what destiny means and makes its own confusing mean of it.

Furthermore, can anypony say this spell out load and automatically become an alicorn too? That’s also left up for debate. What is worse is that the spell got mentioned in the season 7 finale when Rainbow Dash tells Starswirl about that spell, and he shrugs it off or ignores her comment. Therefore, leaving the spell very ambiguous as into Starswirl's intent with it and the spell effects itself when he wrote it down, presumabbly before he faced the Pony of Shadows

This one spell that more and more you think about it, the more confusing and headache-inducing it becomes. Not just for the show overall, but in the episode itself as well.

1. Celestia and Luna's Origin

Talk about something that fans wanted to see since the beginning show, but never got. Every time a new season was on the horizon, this was somewhere in their wish list. Yeah, we go the Dairy of Two Sister’s physical book, but it got invalidated by the season 6 primer. So, were back to square one pretty about any backstory on Luna and Celestia. In the end, we zero info on Luna and Celestia’s backstory outside; they were StarSwirl’s pupils. In this goes handed hand with alicorn origins as well. Did the Two Sisters come from a far land like Scropan and Triek? If so, where are the other alicorns? Who were Luna and Celestia’s parents? How did they get coronated? All those questions are left hanging from here on out and will remain unanswered for the rest of the series’ legacy. Its damn shame too because the mentor has backstory from Roku (from TLA) to even Obi-Wan. However, Twilight’s mentor is left surprising vague and just Equestria history, they seem pop right out of nowhere with no explanation. One moment its earth ponies, pagsi , and unicorns ruling themselves and then, boom, two alicorns rule Equestria. Yeah, leaving a huge plot hole in Equestria’s history. This one plot point that will forever remain unanswered

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Sunset appearing doesn't make all of EQG canon by default; just the character.

Sparity wasn't likely to come true, it's the classic case of child crush that then bets grown out of.

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