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[STORY TEASER] Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation, December 16th · 7:38am Dec 17th, 2019

Now we are a few hours in the future and as I said, here is your second teaser for today (least, if you live in US timezones, which is what I'm going by here), showing you another unedited excerpt of "Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation", my pony version of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and Hearth's Warming Eve story for this year!

Inside, the other members of their family were spread out over the living room and the foyer. Big Mac and Sugar Belle were sitting on the sofa again, only eyes for each other, just like on the day before. In front of the chimney and the crackling fire in it, Marble and Grand Pear sat together, both of them engulfed by deep conversation. Limestone sat in an armchair and was reading a book, not without aiming the occasional, angry glance at the happy couple that was busy snuggling and cuddling not far away from her. The only ones Pinkie and Applejack couldn't spot were Granny Smith and Pinkie's parents.

I wonder why Granny Smith and Pinkie's parents aren't here..... If you wonder about that, too, you can find out why on Sunday, December 22nd, when "Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation" releases! Only five days of waiting anymore!

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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Comments ( 2 )

Lovely and Funny! I'm confident your Story will be Great. Just don't overwork yourself, okay?

Trixie the Great and Baldiful?

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