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No-one want to be a hero IRL, therefore there will be no heroes ..... · 1:14am Dec 17th, 2019

...even if there will be need for some.

Amazingly sad night, I watched

The Last Unicorn (film), found source book online, as well as some modern drawings. Yet, this book somewhat ruined whole night for me, and guess why? Because ...with all this talk about "ethics" right now smell of money speaks much louder than anything else, and therefore only thing I can foresee is a lot of shit to come .....

Of course all this cross-site linking makes keywords from your search appear everywhere ..
Like, as featured article at libcom:
Solidarity unicornism - this one at least made me laugh hard. But unfortunately all those real problems don't wanna go away from simple laugh, ton of laugh, or even high-end satire.

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..as self-comment on this .. Book ("THE LAST UNICORN by Peter S. Beagle") was damn good, had a lot of laugh reading it.

as a second self-comment .."Two hearts" was also good and sad, at the same time.

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