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  • 1 week
    My Possible Fanfic Ideas (But haven't decided yet)

    1. I usually wanted to do a story center around the Dazzlings after they lost in Rainbow Rocks. This was a story I though off when another girl joins the group in a slice of life setting in the Starswirl Festival. It's an OC called Zoe Star Pink.

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    3 comments · 84 views
  • 1 week
    Rainbow Roadtrip’s 1 Year Anniversary

    Today was the day Rainbow Roadtrip premiered on Discovery Family last year. I really enjoyed and it was a great way to bring back the animation style from the movie. So to celebrate it’s anniversary, I made a fanfic reading on one of the stories I’ve come across. Suspiciously Similar by TheAncientPolitzanian.

    2 comments · 34 views
  • 2 weeks
    I'm Too Broken To Write

    It's been three days since I submitted my last story and as of now, I feel more broken to barely continue my newer projects. I still didn't make up my mind of what stories I should write because it's starting to fade away from my interest. I can't even write characters I haven't use yet. Sorry there's no progress going on at the moment but all of my scrap ideas didn't help me at all. As far as

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  • 2 weeks
    My Today's Story Just Makes Me More Empty

    Even since submitting it, I knew it wouldn't get much attention. I didn't even bother to add the story to many in the groups due to the less attention it got compare to the last story I submitted. At this point, I didn't start writing another story and yet I feel like making more videos. Today just isn't what I was waiting for and that is saying a lot.

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  • 2 weeks
    I Took Down All Of My Future Story Ideas

    This maybe not the blog you expect me to do but I need to make this clear. I'm not going to stop writing, far from it. It's just that at this moment right now, I've learned a lesson about ideas blog I posted earlier this year (That's been deleted months ago).

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Why Is Hope In Rainbow Getting Less Attention? · 3:35am Dec 10th, 2019

I just finished the final chapter of Hope Hollow and it's going to be published tomorrow. But what I don't understand is why it's not getting any attention. It's a shipping fanfic with one of the best shippings when it comes to background characters while also being a Rainbow Roadtrip story. I just don't get it. Can someone give me an explanation about this? There's a reason why I finished this chapter story inside of cancelling it like my other chapter stories.

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Comments ( 2 )

I'd like to read it, but I'm not going to because I don't really want to read a lesbian shipping fic.....

I have had it on my read later list. I’ve read some outstanding lyra and bon bon fics and I have enjoyed reading about these two in the past. But I dunno... nothing about your story’s description, name or picture made me want to immediately jump in and read it. so, as I’m Rather busy... your story can wait a bit longer before i read it. If I like it, I’ll leave a comment or two.

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