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Wonderful Readings including Golden Alicorn of the Sun by Illya Leonov · 5:23am Dec 9th, 2019

I have just been blessed by Illya Leonov yet again, with another reading of a story, which is my… um… Let me count the people who have done readings of my stuff. Here’s the brand new audiobook of The Golden Alicorn of the Sun, a classic Sci-Fi/Fantasy crossover done as a tribute to Ray Bradbury, author of The Golden Apples of the Sun done back in 1953.

And another Illya work, More Precious than Silver or Gold, a tale in Skywriter’s Cadence of Cloudsdale cycle about a dragon who seeks the most precious treasure of all, and finds a tiny alicorn named Cadenza.

Then we have a wonderful reading of The Lazy Dragon of Dragonvale by Jake The Army Guy (with even more of Harwick’s beautiful cover art) Certified acceptable bedtime story for children of any age.

Pony And Wolf Productions captured Twilight Sparkle Lays an Egg in their midnight readings, well worth the listen.

Big Ash did a reading of How Many Princesses Does It Take, but only the first of three total chapters (in case anybody wants to finish them up).

Tantabus, Do Your Worst read by ABagOfVicodin back when he was doing requests.

From Princess Twilight Sparkle, President of the Twinkle Nebula Frie Neutron Family Reunion by the amazing Scribbler Productions (which I forgot to get linked in the story description and fixed just now)

Special Award: The One Who Got Away, a touching story about finding ones place in life, shy seaponies, and the River Fen where they all come together. The playlist for all the chapters is found here. Featuring the voice talents of Neighrator Pony, Dr. Wolf, Gina M, Illya Leonov, ShadowOfCygnus, itsannachloem, Shellah, and the awesome Scribbler.

My Brother, The Tooth had a reading at one time, but it’s gone now. Darn.

How The Great and Powerful Trixie Stole Hearth’s Warming by Monanniverse and company, a lighthearted look at Dr. Seuss, Trixie, and holiday specials of all kinds. Curl up by a fire and have a listen (but don’t throw Trixie in).

Yes, Twilight Sparkle, There is a Santa Hooves. Celestia looks back at Hearth’s Warmings of the past, and the special yearly visitor who helps calm her troubled soul. Another quality production of Neighrator Pony and associated wonderful people.

Daring Do and the Dance, a fun story of love, pain, and unlikely romance. Really unlikely. Love hurts.

The first time we danced, she broke my jaw in three places.
A reading by Luvlessi (and improved cover art)

And one by Crafty Reads

In Celestia We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by The Living Library Players, the one that started it all. Celestia finds she has a minor cash flow problem, as in no cash to flow anywhere.

Also a reading by JoeHighlord

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Ye, gads! I have been blessed a thousandfold by wonderful people with golden voices, and all I can do in return is sit here on my frozen lillypad and croak my thanks. You guys (and gals) are amazing!!

If you know of a reading that I didn't catch, please tell me and I'll get it linked in.

You write good stories, Georg.

You have done your part many times over. A good story to read is a blessing to be found. -I

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