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Tiny Delay with Fluttercheer's Ponyfic Advent Calendar because of Overexertion · 1:54pm Dec 8th, 2019

Yesterday, I didn't open a new door in my Ponyfic Advent Calendar, as you probably noticed. The reason for that, is simply that I was overworked. I experienced an intense tiredness and exhaustion yesterday like I rarely ever experience. I was up for the entire night working on my writing on Thursday and then fell asleep in my chair, where I stayed until I woke up again a couple hours later, which is never a very comfortable sleep. Regardless of that, I had to run errands on Friday and then a similar thing happened on Friday night.
As a result, I was the living equivalent of a rotten, braindead zombie yesterday. I was attempting to write, but my brain blocked me and I couldn't come up with a single sentence. I also lacked the strength to do anything productive, which means, I also couldn't open a new door in my Ponyfic Advent Calendar.
I tried to fight this and to become strong enough for writing the best I could by chilling and eating specific food for energy, but once you reach a certain amount of tiredness and exhaustion, that strategy doesn't work anymore.
I am feeling better now. I just woke up after about 12 hours of sleep and now I feel I can continue after a good breakfast (which is a good cue, cause I happen to write about breakfast next in my Hearth's Warming Eve fic, but pssst, don't tell anyone you know that or Pinkie's going to kill you for spoiling her surprise!) to get more energy for a day that will likely see nothing but writing to catch up on what I missed yesterday.
The door from yesterday will get opened today, in a couple hours, and today's door will be timely again.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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Comments ( 1 )

Take your rest, health is very important. No rush with your post and reply.

For all your hard work, you deserve some good rest.:twilightsmile:

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