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Updates (at last) · 1:54am Dec 4th, 2019

I have planning to write this for the last two weeks, but I kept forgetting. Sorry :pinkiesad2:

SO, my stories...
1: How to say goodbye chapter 2: Currently in the second round of editing. It will likely need another round as I am still working on figuring out the characters personalities. Current word count: 30,699 (and still growing!)
2: Spero Chapter 7: Currently waiting for a second round of edits. I believe it will be ready after that, but it may need one more round depending on how much I need to add or expand. Current word count: 18,982
3: How to meet the parents: Still writing the first draft. current word count: 4,370
4: Freedom shall ring: I have the idea and structure planned, no writing yet.

I also want to thank my wonderful angelic fiancee/editor again for all her hard work in helping edit my stories. I hope I can at least get one of them ready by the end of the year, but given their size, I may not make that deadline. Thank you to everyone who still reads my work. I hope you enjoy what I have made so far and I apologize for my apparent lack of activity. Have a happy holiday season and I will hopefully see you all before the years is out.

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All the best to you and happy holidays

Comment posted by Gboyd deleted Jan 13th, 2020

Thanks for the update, Piemaster! I was wondering if you were still active or not. All the best you and your fiance and your wonderful works of art! :twilightsmile:

Thank you. Hopefully I will finish something soon

YOU'D BETTER!! :flutterrage:

Please....? :fluttercry:

You're amazing!

Thank you :twilightsmile:

And soon, I promise

Haha! The Fluttershy face gotcha, didn't it? I knew it! Your one weakness..... :fluttercry: BEHOLD! Cower in fear!

Don't worry, we all vulnerable to it. ;)


Behold the horror!!!!

Ack! Hngg.... You're evil.... *reaches desperately to the Sky* Noo.... Fluttershy..... Crying.... I.... Can't....!


Oops. Too much cute. :derpytongue2:

"Citizens of Equestria,
We are gathered here today not to mourn, but to celebrate the life of one Gboyd......"


*Publishes a new (if somewhat short) chapter in a new story

(Sorry if there is a little delay. It usually takes a little bit for the story to actually appear)

*sucks in big breath of life saving air* Hmm..?
*huge gasp!* I'm alive!? I'M ALIVE!!!!! ALL HAIL PIEMASTER!!


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