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I Made a Friend! · 9:56pm Dec 3rd, 2019

This is Dakota. She loves scritches. I love her.

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Comments ( 17 )

Oh, nice; happy friendmaking. :)

A friend indeed. Grats!

I'm glad you found a friend, and a place to stay.

Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Seems nice, but too bad about her eyesight! (I’m assuming the shirt didn’t burn out her retinas.)

Horses make good friends.

Here is my baby. My life is better with him in it.

Nice. Speaking of classic rock, his show name is Shot in the Dark, from the Ozzy song.

Some English discipline shows, green horse, basic walk trot canter stuff, and some pattern work. I was training in dressage before I moved back to the west coast. Now I just do trail riding in the mountains.

If I may ask, whereabouts on the west coast? I’m in SoCal. Will I see you at BABSCon or EFNW?

I live in WA near Seattle. I'm for sure going to EFNW since I live near it. BABSCon I'm not sure about. I love San Fran, I'm originally from a town in the bay area. I'm going to the MLP live in Minnesota the month before, I might not have time off for BABS. I'm also thinking about going to the Vanhoover Pony expo next month.

Cool, well, I’ll see you at EFNW!

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