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I'm a practising Seventh-Day Adventist Christian trying to improve his stroy writing and drawing skills.

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    Good Morning from my Writing Lair! This is Shadow_8472, and today, I am sharing my extended lyrics for "Equestria My Home." Let's get started!

    Equestria, the land I love
    a land of harmony
    Our flag does wave from high above
    for ponykind to see

    Equestria, a land of friends
    where ponykind do roam
    They say true friendship never ends
    Equestria, my home!

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Fire Post: Part 5 · 11:51am Dec 3rd, 2019

Good Morning from my Writing Lair! This is Shadow_8472, and today, things are probably as back to normal as they will ever be. Let's get started!

I'm still not ready to return to writing. The past three weeks learning Micro Core Linux have been super intense. I'm even two weeks ahead on my robotics blog over it. I've learned a lot and become passingly familiar with operating at a pure command line interface. It's been intense, and... I'm tired. Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans!

Unlike with Wordpress, FimFiction doesn't have a way to schedule blog posts, so I end up trying to maintain a weekly presence at the end of the week. I'm late. Oh well.

I did find something of note while working on my blog this past week. When I was setting up my first Ubuntu machine, I put together a simple desktop background using a couple vector renderings by zee66 from the series of "Linux Ponies." I grabbed Ubuntu and Terminal. Where Ubuntu is an orange Earth Pony, Terminal is a black Unicorn. One evening while I was logged in to my Ubuntu machine, I looked at Terminal on the desktop and noticed the Cutie Mark was a #.

Way back when I set this whole thing up, I thought nothing of Terminal's Cutie Mark, but when I saw it again, I couldn't help but laugh. Normally, prompts end with a $, but there is a special mode you can put it in that's sort of like a super admin "user" called root. It's typically a bad idea to use root unless you know what you're doing and need to issue a lot of commands that need extra permission. The Terminal pony I had used is logged in as root.

Final Question: What was your favorite personal double take moment?

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