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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation (December 1st) · 3:50am Dec 2nd, 2019

It's December 1st. And, simultaneously, the first Advent Sunday. It's fitting that both of these days fall together. Usually, it's either one or the other that marks the beginning of the Hearth's Warming season, but this year, both do on the same day. This is a very rare thing to enjoy. And it is the perfect occasion for the announcement I am going to make today.
It has become a tradition for me to write a Hearth's Warming Eve story each year (only 2017 had to suffer in that regards). 2016 has seen "The Little Match-Filly" and last year, I wrote "Dear Babs Seed, will ya come back for the holidays?"
"The Little Match-Filly" is a ponification, of H.C. Andersen's classic, tragic holiday tale. The Hearth's Warming Eve story I am writing for this year has that in common with it, it's a ponification as well. And last year's story is what triggered the inspiration for the story of this year.
Last year, we have gotten "Best Gift Ever", the first special for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We have seen that the Apple Family and the Pie Family gathered on Sweet Apple Acres to celebrate Hearth's Warming Eve there together for the very first time. The first time Pinkie's family visited Sweet Apple Acres. And there is one certain, popular holiday movie that reflects this perfectly.
A big and massive Family Hearth's Warming..... and the idea was born to ponify "Christmas Vacation". And this is my project for Hearth's Warming Eve this year.

As teased on Twitter a few days ago, I was working on the concept for this story for no less than four whole days. I have watched the movie twice, took notes and assigned everypony who attended this Hearth's Warming Eve celebration to the different characters of the movie and I planned out the plot in detail.
I am shooting for a December 22nd release with this story, so that you can still read the story before Hearth's Warming is here, and the beginning has already been written this week. There will also be a few surprise ponies who we haven't seen in "Best Gift Ever".....
And this isn't all. My first ponification of a movie from the beginning of this year has unfortunately underperformed, so I will release a lot of teasers and promotions for this new story in advance. And because it's the festive season we are in now and this is a festive story, I have decided to do something special for that.....

I am trying something new this year, for the first time. Each day leading up to the release, I will post a small excerpt from the story, advent calendar style.
For December 1st today, it's just the cover of the Hearth's Warming Eve issue of the official comics from 2015, which represents the ponified version of the movie and also the final cover art for the story I am writing. But beginning with tomorrow, you can read a little (unedited) bit of the story in advance, with a nice little picture courtesy of bronybyexception to accompany it.
This is a project I am so excited to release, since the movie's plot goes together perfectly with what was hinted at in "Best Gift Ever". And the large cast hopefully gets it a better reception than my first attempt at ponifying a movie did.
Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of Fluttercheer's Ponyfic Advent Calendar!

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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I Love this advent calendar Art! And i look Forward to see your Christmas Story

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