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My thoughts on the ongoing Kaleidoscope drama. · 2:40am Dec 1st, 2019

I feel bad for all those Kaleidoscope writers. I really do. Those people and the stories they put so much time and effort into creating deserve so much better than getting downvote-spammed. Hell, some of my most hated ponyfics of all time have better like-to-dislike ratios than that.

At this point, if I were in on the whole thing, I'd legitimately consider taking the story down and republishing it under a completely different title at a later date. God knows I don't want a black mark like that on my record. Not sure if that's exactly allowed, but I've definitely seen one or two people pull that stunt in the past.

Either way, it's a pity.

P.S. For those who care, my next story's probably going to be the Why Me? Why Not. fic I mentioned in my last blog. Hoping to get it out within the next week-and-a-half or so.

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Feh. It's like some downvote my transformation stories not realizing that I'm giving characters that never got much love in the show some much needed love in the Fanbase. :ajsmug:

Without substantial edits/expansion, your suggestion is breaking site rules, and would be grounds for the new story getting deleted.

Yeah, kinda thought so.

I was just remembering an incident a while back where an author's fic got mass-downvoted because its title was a long-winded potshot at the quality of one of the leaked Season 9 episodes. They pulled the story, republished it under a different name after the episode aired, and it enjoyed far more success when people weren't immediately #triggered by its title. I wasn't sure of the legality of it then, but the mods never went after the guy (possibly because the author eventually added new chapters onto the story that weren't there before), so I just shrugged it off. Thanks for setting the record straight for me.

All the best,

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