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yall want an AMA or somethin' at any time in the near future? · 5:15am Nov 26th, 2019

'cause I'm about to start Thanksgiving Break soon and I'm gonna be in for a pretty decently long car trip. Responses might be a bit slow depending on where I am in the trip, but there's also a pretty good chance that my family might get snowed in instead given how there's a big ol' winter storm all week long where I live.

Either way, cutting to the point: AMA session.

You want me to respond in-character as an OC? Sure.

Personal info? Nope.

Spoilers for upcoming stories and ideas floating around in my head? Eh, maybe.

The rest we could come up with as we go. :twilightsmile:

Most likely it'd be hosted on my Discord server or something.

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Sure, I'm down for it

I'm sorry, what? An AMA? :rainbowderp:



Expect for literally everyone to be asked their opinion on penguins if you do.

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