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    Birthday Stream! D&D! Charity!

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    Quick Story Idea?

    Hi, folks,

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    Anyone got any stories they particularly want to read about?

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Life of Syn - Convention Overload, JINGLEMAS!!!, and something for the pervs · 4:08am Nov 26th, 2019

Hello, folks!

It turns out that running three conventions in a year ends up taking all your pony time. Who knew? I regret not posting much during the finale and not doing more one-shot storytelling, but sometimes you just have to direct the programming for a few thousand people, you know?

But we're back!

Now that I'm mostly recovered from the convention, I've back to writing and participating in the fandom like a normal horse. Huzzah! First up, thank you all for waiting for the delays on "Sensation: Appleloosa." I'm happy to announce that a new chapter is being posted tomorrow night! I just want to give it one more proofread, but it's up and ready to press the "publish" button. No worries if it's been a while since you've last read it: the next part is a self-contained mini-story, so it should all make sense without too much extra context.

In other news, how would you like to get a free story written by me? You have a chance!

I'm participating in TWO holiday story exchanges this year: Jinglemas, the holiday-themed secret Santa story exchange that Flutterpriest and co. have put on for a few years now, as well as JingleClop, its 18+ cousin that's brand new this year. I'll be in the "Vanilla" pool this year, but there's also a "fetish" pool if that's more your style.

Here's the gist:
--It's a secret santa exchange, but rather than buy gifts, we write stories for each other
--Joining is easy: you read the rules (linked above) and email the FimficCollabs account letting them know you want to participate
--With your submission, you get to pick with pony (or ponies) you want to see a story about. Your Secret Santa will then write one for your about those ponies, so it's like a free commission!
--On December 1st, you'll get a PM with the person you're writing a story for, and you'll write a holiday-themed story around their character(s) of choice
--Write a 1k-5k story between December 1st and December 21st.
--Stories are posted on the 22nd

I HIGHLY recommend you check this event out. It's a great way to get into the writing swing of things, and it's a low-pressure, fun way to get your creative juices flowing. And like I said, since the names are chosen randomly, you might get a story written by me!

Life is always changing, but I'm hoping to spend a lot of time writing in the next few months. I've missed it dearly throughout this year, and I've got so many stories left to tell.

Love you all. :heart:

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Woah that sounds really cool. I might take a look tomorrow!

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