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I'm a practising Seventh-Day Adventist Christian trying to improve his stroy writing and drawing skills.

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Another week with no writing... · 8:44am Nov 25th, 2019

Good Morning from my Writing Lair! This is Shadow_8472, and today, things are still not back to normal. Let's get started!

The past week felt, for the most part, normal. The main difference is that I've been super-busy on my Robotics blog setting up a computer for a Minecraft server on Micro Core Linux. In the past two weeks, I've generated enough content for four weekly posts, and I'm not done yet.

In fire news, we had a neighbor recommend we get the walls cleaned as well. Some test involving taking a sponge to their wall came back black from smoke. I don't know what all was involved with selecting people to clean, but they came and did half the house today, and will be finishing tomorrow. It was a long day.

We got takeout from a new restaurant. They were very accommodating; one waitress even had personal experience with a food sensitivity we need to account for. I accidentally grabbed the wrong omelet. The toast was a bit chewy, but that can easily be explained by the way it was packaged. If I ever go again, I will ask that they salt the eggs before they cook.

We went through a (mostly) automated car wash, my first time through one in many years. It wasn't as loud as we expected, and I made it through OK.

Other parts of the day were unremarkable for me until I had my first-ever VR experience. Most of my time there was in a tutorial of sorts called First Contact. On the surface, it's a simple program with an odd mix of 80's/90's aesthetic with a few futuristic technologies mixed in. You interact with a blockey, floating robot who hands you some kind of special floppy disks to plug into a 3D printer/replicator. Each disk has different programs on it ranging from butterflies to a dart launcher. Plug in the last disk, and it ends the game.

A closer look at the environment proved interesting. The room you're in appears to be some sort of trailer. Several pictures with the robot are dated to various dates in the 80's, but modern QR codes on a few soda cans hint that it's more of a retro setting in-universe as QR codes were invented in the 90's as a way of tracking car parts or something, and were later popularized around 2010 in other places after smart phones were in the hands of the general public.

Final Question: Have you ever had an experience with VR, and which pony do you think would provide the most entertaining reaction on donning a VR headset?

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