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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.

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  • 125 weeks
    Welp, it's been a YEAR, down to the DAY, since my last blog post.

    This means nothing, I was just noticing the dates.

    But while I got you here, I'm gonna throw up some SFW art I've done recently.

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  • 180 weeks
    It's 2am on Thursday, and I have an idea for NEW Pinkie Pie Loves Bacon Bits content. (plus ARTPOSTING#3)

    I woke up with a fully formed idea for a new chapter in my silly anthology of scenes where Sunset Shimmer is haunted by pony!Pinkie lodged DEEPLY in my mind and I think I'm going to write it. I'm in a writerly mood. Apparently.

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  • 194 weeks
    Are you still in a Spooky mood?

    This flew under my radar yesterday, so I just woke up to find it and it is just as sweet as all that discounted candy! Give it a listen and pop over to Lostus's page and drop a like or a comment or something. This is top tier work!

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  • 196 weeks
    Wordposting (Really a 6K word long 'scene' and a half from the OF I'm working on)

    I posted a little section of this last blog, but I think I'm happy where this is at right now. Obviously this takes place in the midst of a larger narrative, so there might be some/a lot of context that's lost here, but the gist is a couple of priests and a warlock form up an adventuring party and before they even have their first outing, some shit goes down at the tavern.

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  • 197 weeks
    10 years of this.

    Happy birthday to the version of Pony that made my life more than a little brighter.

    These hoofed ruminates (and their humanoid counterparts) will always have a special place in my heart.

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How About Some of That There """Good""" News? · 2:35am Nov 23rd, 2019

I'm writing. Like a lot. And it's pony related too. I think that's a cause for celebration, right?

No one said I have to wallow in my misfortune. So I ain't. Expect a 5-6K ish long clopfic in the next few days. Maybe in time for Turkeyday.

Stay classy and be good to each other, ok?

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Oh my god. I absolutely love this picture. The art style is fantastic

That picture is adorable. I don’t suppose the clopfic has to do with Sunset Shimmer, does it?

EQG, yes. Sunset specifically, no. It's Aria/Applejack, actually.

5159307 Kinda reminds me of Hazbin Hotel a little bit.

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