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    BIG update!

    Hello, my beloved subjects.
    This update is going to be a little bit longer than most, so get buckled in, because I'm unloading everything onto you today!

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    Want your suggestions

    I just wanted to know which character from the show that you like or would like to see more of. I've tried using characters like Feather Bangs and Countess Coloratura just because I feel like they're underutilized and interesting considering most stories are about Twilight, Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy (or Anon).

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    First of all, there's a new story that should be coming out soon. Can't tell you many details about it, but I'm hoping to have it out for you in the near future. I think it's one that the majority of my followers will enjoy. :raritywink:

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    Thanksgiving Story

    So, for those of you who didn't know, I made a Thanksgiving story 6 years ago.
    Actually, the funny thing is, I only made it a Thanksgiving story in general so that the story aprrovers would allow it in the first place.

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    Why you should read Magical Girl Trixie

    That is all.

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Why you should read Magical Girl Trixie · 4:46am Nov 22nd, 2019

That is all.

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Comments ( 2 )

"I don't see a dead body Autumn Blaze!"

"Oh we'll have to make one silly....man" I notice her voice is meek, as she comes closer to my side with a smile that could kill.

"But there is only the two of us here right now. And were in the middle of......oh no..."

"Oh yeah!"


"Who the hell is this Autumn Blaze!" I yell, as I jump back slightly. Now frighted by the huge kool aid man who seems to have made it to Equestria too. Most likely by the work of Discord or Pinkie Pie or both. They scare me.

"The being that must be killed...." I hear Autumn utter confidently as her whole body begins to shine and Illuminate the area.

Normally only read clop, but I might try this series eventually, as I do like the idea of Trixie as a magical girl!

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