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  • 15 weeks
    cautionary update

    dealing with some family issues that may affect the rate of commission/content output at the moment.

    Hoping it's nothing, but I'll find out sometime tomorrow.

    Thank you.

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  • 26 weeks
    Hey guys

    kinda blipped out of existence for a second there; sorry for the disappearance

    a few weeks ago I had a seizure -- I am completely fine (I got to go home that night, don't worry!!) but it meant I had to stop taking the meds I've been taking as antidepressants and adhd treatment for a few years cold-turkey ... so I've been a bit of a mess ^-^'

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  • 54 weeks
    random question

    im curious and bored so i have a question for anyone who feels like answering:

    what do you perceive my gender as/what pronouns are you inclined to use?

    that is all... :coolphoto:

    p.s. working on some art rn

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  • 65 weeks
    personal update 2

    sorry, I just feel the need to say this for some reason everywhere I can: I was just now diagnosed with adhd at 21 :'^)

    safe to say a lot of things make more sense now...

    Side note: I plan to have a character doodle request stream up sometime this coming week! I am now making extra sure to stay on top of things ;-;

    thank you, that is all :derpytongue2:

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  • 66 weeks
    personal update

    i'm kind of super not in a great place atm and I'm trying to be more honest about that bc I'm trying to get better

    I really like y'all here on fimfic, and I know I'm barely around, but i'd really like to be more active. just not sure how? I'm not really a writer anymore, but i'd like to do art streams maybe? would anyone be interested in that?

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ARTIST'S SECRET SNOWMARE 2019 · 5:28am Nov 21st, 2019

Comments ( 3 )

I'm asking here so you have a better chance of seeing it. Is it too late to make a change to the request I sent in? I've gotten more ideas for it.

If it is, then I'll make it one for when you do regular requests again.

You can of course change it!

Just updated it now for whoever might end up doing it. If someone has decided to do it, you might want to tell them I changed some things about it.

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