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This is my quest. To follow that star! No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

  • EBrightly Lit
    The village of Brightly, British Columbia is a small, isolated place where everyone knows everyone, with a strong sense of community. A community that starts to include colourful little ponies.
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  • 4 weeks

    Today is my birthday, and I have reflected a bit on what it means this day:

    I am... satisfied with the life I've lived, and the choices I've made. Gods know they weren't always the right choices, but they were mine, and I am proud of all of them. Even the bad ones, because learning from them has made me a better person.

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    Regarding recent events and depictions.

    Recently, there have been attempts to "create a dialog" or "have a discussion" about whether Nazis or Nazism should be in any way portrayed, written about or depicted on this site. It has been said that to deny this would be to deny free speech. To prevent the free exchange of ideas. My response is as follows:

    No Nazis, period. No Nazism, period.

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    Calling for character designs

    So here's the thing. In my story, Brightly Lit 2, there are soon going to be five new secondary characters who will appear in a chapter or two and then fade into the background. They may be referred to or pop out again from time to time but that's it. You're probably wondering where I'm going with this.

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    My own personal opinion

    The following are my own personal opinions about two major story subgroups here on FimFiction. They are my personal opinions and I will not think less or more of anyone who agrees or disagrees with me.

    I absolutely loathe the Fall of Equestria stories.

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  • 21 weeks
    This one is Cryptic

    I prefer, this original version to start writing to.

    Pain or not, the muse must be obeyed. I know no fear, but a story untold.

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Slow going · 5:13pm Nov 20th, 2019

Just a quick note here that I hadn't intended on writing, but I thought I should. Work on Brightly is going slowly, but it is moving forward. I actually have wound up throwing out a few thousand words because I looked at them and realized they just weren't right. Still working, still writing, still sending out teasers to my patrons. Currently listening to some music made by a nephew of mine. Kid has some real talent...


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Comments ( 4 )

I liked it, but Taze seems hard to find in the usual music stores.

Heh, I'll let him know and see if he can help

when tidying things up into a neat little bow with an open ending, it helps if the bow isn't on fire on a pile of garbage. :moustache:

all kidding aside, your work is great and i'm looking forward to seeing it!

By “usual” I mean iTunes and Amazon. I certainly see his presence on Bandcamp.

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