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There’s a light at the end of the Tunnel (but I could use $5.) · 8:48am Nov 20th, 2019

I have good and bad news and I thought you might like an update. The bad news is that yes I’m technically homeless now. And have been for a few weeks. The good news is that I found a really really cheap place to crash in Long Beach. The problem is that I have pretty much no money for getting to work today. My paycheck comes Thursday and I’ll be fine after that but is there anyone who can spare five or $10 until then I am so sorry I am working on getting back on my feet and my work has increased my hours again so this is just a temporary thing and I still might be getting another job I’ll follow up on that today. I’m not asking for much; I have a bit left on food stamps so I can eat, but I need just a few bucks for the bus to and from work. If someone can spare just $5 I should be good. I’m sorry. I want to get back on my feet so I can pay people back and get back to helping people. I love you all so much.

Copy pasted from when I was in a scrap last month:

On PayPal: bchandleremail@gmail.com
On Venmo: @Bryan-Chandler-2
On CashApp: $SuperTrampoline

I’m so sorry I hate doing this. I’m almost to better place. Just need to survive this next day and a half.

Oh but let’s end this on a good note: I’m going to start seeing a therapist soon! And I’ve been taking my antidepressant medicine Wellbutrin and anti anxiety medication Prozac regularly for like a week now so hopefully a few more weeks and I’ll start to feel their effects. Good night everyone. Love you.

-your dear friend Super Trampoline

P.S. as always you are also welcome to text me at (714) 496-3119 Ifs you yourself have stuff your struggling with and I’ll see what magic I can work.

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Comments ( 2 )

Do you still need the money? I likely could spare $5 at the moment, and though I'm not familiar with making payments through any of those three, I could likely figure something out.

Sorry to hear you're homeless, but glad some things are going well and you've some good-looking prospects.

Yeah. My paycheck comes tomorrow afternoon, but I need to get home from work and to work tomorrow. And thank you.

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