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ideas for a regular show and MLP crossover? · 8:00pm Nov 18th, 2019

I have always been asked the image of my profile, first of all the artist is Butcher-X, well known for his fanarts of EG, and there was a time that brought us these incredible images of RS and MLP, very good by the way, and that It gives us to understand that although they are different series in their own way, The main lesson of these is the same: "Friendship", the employees of the park and the six, taught me in many of their adventures that friendship is the strongest of everything, and both series under this premise may be that they coexist very well with each other, but what universe would be more convenient to put them together? Fim or EG?,There is also the difficult task of developing the plot, I am a rookie in this, and I want something enjoyable to come out, and as a fan of both series, I want to make this crossover, I will listen to your opinions and suggestion when writing crossovers.

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If you write something with these two shows, I’ll read it.

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