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OC Spotlight: Nightshade/Nightshade V2 · 5:45am Nov 18th, 2019

Ayyy, we're lookin' at an OC created from the bones of the original Wielder of the Orb cast and a random name generator today!

Nightshade originally was written in The Wielder of the Orb as a teenage mare that was rather uncomfortably forced into the salvaged shreds of storyline from the original Wielder of the Orb: Of Magic and Ponies.

Her character, as was mentioned before already, is more or less a bit of a mash of all the characters from the original Wielder of the Orb, taking little things from most of the main cast.

From what I can see in the first Wielder of the Orb reboot, she's actually pretty flat of a character, honestly. The story was trying too hard to stick to its old source material instead of letting itself evolve and grow over time like stories tend to do. She does have a family, including her brother, Juniper Glow, but they're more or less just side-characters with little impact on the story.

Overall, her first incarnation was just a little weird but wasn't particularly special in any way. Let's move on to the new Nightshade from the second reboot.

This version of Nightshade's got a little bit more characterization. She gets a decent sass infusion, and gets surprised easily, to begin with. She's also a bit more hardheaded, but has absolutely no idea what she's doing much of the time. She's basically a bull in a china shop, so to say. She's got immense power at her disposal, but since she doesn't even know what it is, it only takes one little burst of magic to bring everything crashing down.

Physically, she's still the exact same-- eternal dark-purple bed-hair, a dark navy-blue coat, and a horn. Fun fact, her partner, Lightning Rod, was originally a pegasus in the first reboot, but became an earth pony in the second reboot because I sent the wrong reference design to the artist. :facehoof:

Also, she gets annoyed quite a bit more easily, and the second reboot completely does away with any complicated explanation for how she got it.



I should really update that story, shouldn't I?

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I should really update that story, shouldn't I?

Yes, you really should

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