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"The point is not who will let me. The point is, who will stop me?" - Ayn Rand (Howard Roark, "The Fountainhead")

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Off Into the Sunset · 6:29pm Nov 14th, 2019

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to parts unknown till the end of December. This kicks off a series of cruises over the next nine months in which I'll be home for no more than a couple of weeks at a time. Internet access at sea is always highly dependent on satellite access, DoD web filters, and free time. It's like trying to find the intersection of all three factors in a Venn diagram that pounded back a six-pack of Monsters and started dancing to Through the Fire and Flames.

Coming along with me for the first trip is an incomplete draft for the fifth chapter of my big project and all the dialogue for my newest one-shot. I'm excited about this little tale, whose mood is on par with that of With the Best of Intentions, because it marks my first attempt at looking deeper into mental and emotional struggles. If all goes well, maybe I'll have something new to show before I'm out to sea for two months following New Year's.

Y'all behave now, y'hear?

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Have Fun and come back alive, y’hear!

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