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OC Spotlight: Timothy Carter/Timothy Carter V2/C.W. · 7:09am Nov 14th, 2019

Probably gonna start mixing in other OCs again soon. You know the drill with the abbreviated name.

Timothy was one of the first OCs I created from scratch in quite some time. As opposed to most of my other OCs that were named via a random name generator or cherrypicking from a list, Timothy Carter instead was named using a mash of names I already knew from school. I've already explained it before, but the TL,DR version is that Timothy gets his name mostly from a guy in my high school classes that I've known since elementary school.

Anyway, moving on.

The original Timothy Carter that appeared in Pony-Me was at first written to be in his pre- to mid-teens. As far as looks go, he was more or less the stereotypical guy that you'd find in the halls in a middle/high school, with no obvious defining features. One notable quirk about him, though, is his introduction via rock-stacking in the story, an event that carries over to the original fiction.

Personality-wise, given his original basis on Spike, Timothy tends to be a loyal partner and companion to Lisa, who is established to be his older sister later in the story. Like Spike, he enjoys comic books, and really anything else that you'd associate with Spike outside of eating gems.

As far as a backstory goes, the original backstory he had was simply that he was Lisa's younger brother who was also placed in the simulations for whatever reason as a toddler. Evidently, as the story grew and expanded its lore, I would realize that he would need a much deeper backstory than simply that. Luckily, since I had kept everyone's exact ages so vague, it allowed me to essentially bump up his age to place him in his early 20s, allowing for a backstory consisting of him being adopted away, returned to Lisa, and eventually willingly joining her in Equestria as Spike.

Moving onto Timothy Carter V2 from the original fiction, it is once again time to blast my eyes with a white-background document on a tablet that has absolutely everything set to dark mode. You're welcome for the image.

To begin, his backstory is further expanded, diving a little into his school life as well. He had only a few close friends throughout his years at school, of whom likely won't ever be mentioned. Like his older sister Lisa, Timothy would manage to skip a grade or two to get ahead, though he would often pull out a graphic novel of some kind from his backpack if he had nothing else to do in class. Following the death of his and Lisa's parents, Timothy would find himself being adopted by the Carter family next doors after Argall laments that he is unsure if he is able to support two children given his busy schedule. Timothy and Lisa would remain close, maintaining their sibling dynamic even when separated into two different households. Eventually, when the time came, Professor Argall would convince the Carter family to let Timothy join his sister in the simulations, if only to give Lisa at least some familiar figure in her life within the simulations. Timothy would hesitantly take up the offer as well, and join in with his sister.

Personality-wise, Timothy has a tendency to try and act "cool" when possible, but his attempts tend to backfire. Much of his personality carries over from Pony-Me, though it is added that he has a passing interest in filmmaking on top of comics. Whether or not that will ever be mentioned in the original fiction, I have absolutely no idea.

Ahem. Let's take a look at C.W. now, shall we?

Caleb Waterman is the original fiction counterpart to Pony-Me's Spike. The relationship to Rebecca is shifted from the dynamic betwen Twilight and Spike to instead be a mirror of Lisa and Timothy, with Caleb once again being the younger brother. Just like Rebecca, Caleb remains physically near-identical to his real-life self.

He is somewhat adept at cooking--a skill that'd carry over to Timothy, and has a very small interest in sports. Being Timothy's counterpart, he too likes to read comics. For the most part, however, Timothy and Caleb remain practically one and the same, as the former had specifically requested that he simply play as his character directly, with few if any pre-programmed memories to associate with. As such, being disconnected from the simulation would have much less of an emotional impact on Caleb, as even though he also doesn't necessarily remember much of his life before the simulations, deep down he still finds familiarity in the real-world.

Ok that's all for today. My eyeballs hurt from the white background of the planning sheet.

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