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    How many words of dialogue do you think are in all of the episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? How does the answer change if you include the movie, the holiday special, the various shorts, and the Rainbow Roadtrip special? How does the answer change if you include all canon Equestria Girls material? Bonus Round: How does the answer change if you include all lines of dialogue in the

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    Great News!

    Friends, I am very excited to announce that I have been hired as a tutor/extracurricular activities coordinator for the LA’s Best after school program in Hollywood!

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    Officer didn’t show up, bullshit “biking on the ride side of the street” ticket dismissed!!!!!!!!

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This is Fine · 3:08am Nov 14th, 2019

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Comments ( 13 )

Big oof right there(?)

Can't quite tell if you're liking what's coming or not.

Personally, I'm perfectly fine with this, seeing as it's more of a Gen 4.5 sorta thing. IIRC, Gen 5 is gonna kick off with a movie debut about a year or so after this series.

This has almost nothing to do with anything, but whenever I hear the phrase "The Machine Is Bleeding To Death" my first thought is always Jon Bois.

As long as there is shitposting to be done, I’ll be along for the ride.

It looks cute, and seems like it'll be fun.

That was really funny. Thanks for sharing. Was this the same guy who would later do “17776”?

hell yeah amazing song, classic album

I still need to listen to them! Is there an album you'd recommend starting on?

It's already given me one story idea. If I have to disregard it, I count that as a win.

Sorry for the last response, but yup, it's the same dude. Before 17776, his big things were two series on SB Nation called Breaking Madden and NBA Y2K where he did all kinds of crazy stuff like that Super Bowl thing. One of my other personal favorites is the one where he edited all the future draft classes in NBA Y2K's Franchise Mode so none of the players entering the league were talented in the slightest, causing basketball to slowly devolve into the worst thing ever as all the actually talented players retired one by one.

He's also got a YouTube series called Pretty Good where he talks about odd occurrences in sports and elsewhere, ranging from things like the comically-disastrous 1904 St. Louis Olympic Marathon to the time a bunch of people on a body-building form got into an argument that essentially boiled down to "how many days are in a week?

Seriously, I could go on for ages and ages about all the things Jon’s made. Quite honestly, 17776's just the tip of the iceberg. Look some of his stuff up if you get the chance; he's legitimately one of my biggest writing influences.

i would recommend lift your skinny fists like antenna to heaven. if you don't have enough time to listen through the entire album at once, start with the opening track, storm. hope that helps!

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