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Lunatic God

Pro batstabber and hackusationer.

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  • Sunday

    Everypony gets a complimentary lollipop after fucking the nurse!

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  • 6 weeks
    Cars of the Land

    Thinking of including modular cars in the next chapter. Might have a big ass portal that they use to transport weapons, loot, and fuel between dimensions. May add a pumpkin.


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  • 8 weeks
    Suddenly, Sex! Part 3 Sneaky Peeky

    "Engravings..." The green stallion started, moving closer to the princess as he presented the engraved helmet, which was said to have been given magical abilities due to those very engravings.

    "Give you no tactical advantages whatsoever." He finished. After a moment, she finally reacted, looking up at him in curiosity.

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  • 13 weeks
    Updates, people, updates!

    Changed title of Burst to Comedic Burst of Funniness to better fit the theme of no plot
    Will (eventually) publish seperate story named Burst that will follow the original plot

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  • 15 weeks
    Random Story Ideas

    Wilbur’s E-Girl Song

    CS:GO Crossover

    Full-on TF2 crossover (Equestria to TF2verse & vice versa) main theme being interdimensional time warping space traveling mind boggling history changing glowing disks (teleporters)

    CoD:MW 2019 Infected but in Equestria

    FaZe Jev displaced to Equestria mid-game (Not him displaced, in game player is teleported to Equestria) 

    Read More

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Milk Bag · 6:48pm Nov 13th, 2019

I got a whole plot diagram written for a fucking milk bag.

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