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A My Little Pony fan, check. Interested in the science of magic, check. Always curious in new "what ifs?" check. Started writing to explore new situations with the characters I love so much.

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A New Story to Update · 9:29am Nov 12th, 2019

So today I released my latest story: Twilight Sparkle: A Canterlot Day. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/453493/twilight-sparkle-a-canterlot-day. This is the first story I have written since Auroras and Souls back last year. Editing something you have written recently is a lot faster than editing something that was a tad scrappily written over a year ago.

I have had plenty of story concepts, but obviously it's about what makes the cut and gets the energy to be turned into a story and what doesn't. Some concepts just need a bit more thought and clarity in their story arch plans or concepts, and others write themselves from your fingertips.

Twilight Sparkle: A Canterlot Day was just that.

I have had to follow season nine on UK TinyPop. So the final episode only aired the other day for me. Of course it was an extremerly emotional time. Then I remembered that there will always be more to the picture that never gets told as a story, and this idea came about.

I have a couple of other stories I plan on working on that are set after the end of season nine. But this one is the simplest and easiest to write. I have a couple I want to write that take place before season one as well and I'm very excited about those. but Auroras and Souls is the main reason I started publishing on here, that's more of an epic 60,000 word kind of deal, and I'm determined to finish that. While writing a few other tales on the side.

But I loved working on the concept of HOW does Twilight live and work as a Princess, only 30 years or so on from her coronation. This should get more regular updates, because, as I mention, it's just a little easier to write in the here and now, rather than editing something you wrote a while ago.

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