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  • Tuesday
    Real Life Update

    Been sick with the flu and other things for the past week. And I got obsessed with Naruto again. So writing will be slowed for a bit. Sorry.

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: Aftermath of Science

    Shepherd: "Twiliiiiight! What the hell-Where did all these bits come from?!"

    He gestures to the pile of gold bits on the kitchen table.

    Twilight: "Ummmm..." taps her hooves together "I asked for donations from all the research participants... I set fifty bits as the minimum donation and well..."

    Shepherd: "... If I didn't know any better, I would swear you were pimping me out."

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  • 2 weeks
    Short Hand: Tea Party

    Shepherd is invited to a tea party with Fluttershy and Discord.

    Shepherd: "Oh hey... Flying s'mores. Nice."

    Fluttershy: "Oh, I quite like them!"

    Discord: "Do I detect a hint of criticism in your tone, Shepherd?"

    Shepherd: "No. It's nice that you're still as food obsessed as a wine aunt on Twitter. Maybe you can put it on Instagram to impress other childless weirdos"

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  • 2 weeks
    Short Hand: A New Generation 2

    Old Man Shepherd had taken Sunny and her friends to an ancient cavern, far from Maretime Bay.

    Hitch: "Uh huh... There a reason we're out here?"

    Izzy: "Is it a good reason? Like a secret candy stash? Ugh, two thousand year old candy! Gross!"

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  • 2 weeks
    Short Hand: A New Generation...

    In the future, Shepherd, now an old but badass looking man, fell asleep... And then woke up in front of an Earth pony with orange fur, purple mane and tail, and a big smile.

    Shepherd: "Urgh... My head... What the hell happened...?"

    Sunny Starscout: "YES! IT WORKED! THE MAGIC WORKS!"

    Shepherd: "I... Who are you?"

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Hands Shorts: Shepherd's Birthday · 10:26pm Nov 10th, 2019

During Shepherd's birthday party...

Shepherd: ... Ya know, I thought you and I dating was the best thing ever... And now, it is entirely justified.

Twilight: *Beams as she presents... A fully restored Delorean* Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Shepherd: Oh my God... Where did you find her? She's gorgeous!

Twilight: I found it in the human archives. After reading books on automobile repair, I had to try it out! And I made several improvements.

Shepherd: ... Oh my God... Tell me, TELL ME... It can fly.

Twilight: *Grins* Yes, yes it can... Want to try?

Shepherd: Yessss... *coughs* Um... I can take you with me?

Twilight: After you've had some practice... Go ahead!

Shepherd: HEE! *He hops in, and takes off, flying around drunkenly* Woahhhh! Woooahhhhh!

Twilight: *sighs and shakes her head* So easily amused, humans. *She turns to Pinkie Pie* Thanks for helping me with this, Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie Pie: No problem! I mean, after seeing that movie I had to see if I could make it come true for Shepherd! Especially the time machine part!

Twilight: *rolls her eyes* Pinkie Pie, we've been through this. Time travel, while possible, doesn't work that way... And besides, the Flux Capacitor in that thing doesn't-


*He flies past in the Delorean, before vanishing in a massive blast of light*

Twilight: ... Doesn't... Doesn't... *Stares with wide eyes* I.. It... Wha...?!

Pinkie: What? I had to make it as authentic as possible! *Holds up "A Brief History of Time"* This really helped! Ooh... Do you think he set the time circuits correctly? I really hope so...

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:rainbowderp: "Why do I suddenly remember a giant machine ramming into a unicorn at flight camp?"

Great Scott!!!

1.21 pinkiewatts

Oh that's funny, 😂🤣🤣🤣:rainbowlaugh:

And that's what makes time travel possible... :pinkiehappy:

Once this thing hits 88 trots per hour, you're going to see some serious frosting.

Comment posted by Scratchpad deleted Nov 11th, 2019

Twilight, you asked Pinkie for help, you have no right to be surprised!

Just remember that time is not necessarily laid out serially.

It's better to think of time lines as an infinite set of dominoes, and you are playing a version of Mexican [Crazy?] Train. Each Domino represents a Significant Event, and all the dominoes are Doubles, or choices.

So, if you meet your self in the time stream, you can tell yourself about your previous chain of events, and not believe it's going to happen at the same point in space-time, with out breaking the universe. You will just end up getting lost. and possibly treated as insane.

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