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After the epilogue poll · 6:04pm Nov 9th, 2019

Poll for how many years in the future you think the epilogue was and which characters you'd most like to see go nuts in a story taking place right after: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VPYN5G2
(If for some reason you want to change your vote, let me know and I can delete your old vote, at which point you can just take it again.)

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Definitely Twilight going mad with power

That would match up with Celestia's Relaxing Vacation well I guess. Twilight must be popular for that, since I've had two commissions (Twilight Takes Charge and Condemned) that involved an evil Twilight.

D48 #3 · Nov 9th, 2019 · · ·

I added Gummy to the mix since he's not a baby any more and should be up to pony-eating size by then. :pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy would be an interesting choice, but I can’t think of a good reason for her to go mad. Twilight makes the most sense from the finale standpoint to a certain degree, but we’ve gotten a lot about her.

IMO Twilight is just the funnest and most enjoyable to watch go on an OP murder and rape spree, partly because shes best pone, and then some other reasons.

I could come up with a reason for any of them I think. And yeah we do have a lot of Twilight, though this would at least be a markedly different scenario.

I made some less common suggestions myself.

Ugh, I hope Twilight doesn't win, she's been done and she's boring.

Their personalities don't tend to survive "going nuts" anyway (understandable, ince said personalities aren't compatible with rape and torture at all), and Celestia, Twilight, Starlight etc. all just have powerful magic that does whatever, so it's not too interesting.

(Though a shorter story keeping Starlight in character, i.e. well intentioned but causing mayhem through impulsive use of inappropriate and exotic magic could be hilarious. Spiking the Punch but with more variety.)

That's why I went with Cadance and Thorax, using love magic for this, mind games, and alien bugpony anatomy has real potential.

Yeah that's the main thing I'd be worried about, treading over old ground. I have a corruption method in mind that would work with any of the alicorns, but Cadance probably lends herself to being corrupted the most, since she's already been shown to use love magic on ponies without their consent, even if only to 'help' them, and is probably the one that taught Twilight the 'want it, need it' spell. Even having created a spell like that seems questionable on it's own, I can't help but think Cadance is already kinky behind the scenes.

I could of course go with more than one character working together,


You two have convinced me, I just voted twilight, spike, smolder but those first two are overdone. so I guess I vote cadence, cozy glow(if you can find a way to get her out... she must have a family that will try to get her out and she can rape/murder them after the stone torture brakes her mind) and finally pharynx. He can usurp his brother and use love magic to rape anyone for a long while before word gets out.

I say approx 40 yrs. Pinkie Pie loses Little Cheese and Cheese Sandwich (raped and brutally murdered by Trixie) goes full Pinkamena and goes on rape murder spree. Mane 6 go crazy and rule Equestria with rape and murder.

Did they say Trixie's show sucked or something? Either way, make sure to vote for what you want on the poll.

I deleted the Twilight>Spike>Smolder vote so you can revote now.
The stoned villains could certainly be returned pretty easily.

I just thought of something better. Instead of Trixie, why not Discord?

Strangely, I would probably have an even harder time figuring out why Discord would do that, mainly because he'd rather torment people in some bizarre way than kill them, and also wouldn't want to risk Fluttershy hating him.

Not if you do like Spikey Wikey

Yeah, while Twilight is the most obvious choice, that also makes her the most boring one. And We already got a few stories with her in the lead role.

I voted Thorax>Ocellus>Cadance Thoarax and Ocellus mostly because there is a good scenario with Crysalis enacting some slow-acting corrupting mental command for her petrified form. Both as revenge and to possibly get out. (Though she probably won't like the result once the corrupted ling frees her and decides to "play" with her) It would give some entertaining scenarios involving mind control/corruption and love magic. Weird bug anatomy is also a plus.

Candance has also options in the mind control/love magic department and i generall like to see her go nut for some reason.

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