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SotS 130 Trailer · 1:49pm Nov 9th, 2019

7:00 PM UST and 1:00 PM Central. Saturday. Nov 23.


Feel free to start theorizing.

-GM, master of hype.

PS: If you haven't told me your 127 snip exists yet, I won't be accepting it. I currently have ten incomplete fics on the list. I've seen something from all of them EXCEPT three. I really hope you can show me something today since I expect to be available to workship snips for a large portion OF today. PM me or come talk to me on the discord for that.

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Comments ( 1 )

Thank goodness for YouTube's frame-by-frame keys. Let's see:

Ring around the Tower
Corona doing a thing.
Vriska doing a thing in her God Jammies.
Roxy boggling vacantly at out-of-frame shenanigans.
Blumiere shutting his eyes in what appears to be sorrow.
Angry Twilence diving down at some unfortunate soul
So. Many. Pok├ęballs.
Hmm. Angry Japanese schoolgirl who I don't recognize. Magane? Is that you?
Angry Allure.
Monika framing the scene.
A yellow rose on an object I should probably recognize.
The SBURB logo.
An impressionist Twilight of some sort, with crown.
Jotaro and Star Platinum doing its best unbound Hoopa impression.
A smugly suave Rarity in a stylish chapeau.
A mysterious girl who, going by the tentacles coming out of her back, may be White Nettle.
What appears to be an Earth, though Europe and the Middle East seem to be missing and I'm not sure what's going on with the Sahara.

Most intriguing. Good balance of hype and spoiler avoidance. Very much looking forward to the full video.

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