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Update · 4:17am Nov 9th, 2019

I know, it's been a while, but due to IRL stuff I don't have as much time for writing these days as I did last year.

The next chapter of J'adore is at around 1.5k, and as it stands could be posted as a shorter update if you guys don't want to wait any longer. Alternatively, I could continue writing it (probably up to around 4-5k) and post when it's done. I'm not sure how long that would take, but it would more than likely be some time next year if I was to be completely honest. :fluttershyouch: I wouldn't want to diminish the quality by trying to rush it.

It sucks, as I wish I had more time to write, but IRL commitments have to come first.

I'll leave it up to you to decide, shorter update now, or longer update later.

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Comments ( 23 )

I vote for 'Longer update later'.

Dont worry, life comes first. Just means we can reread your story when you update!
just dont go for years though, please
I prefer longer updates, but that's really depends on the story.
Good luck!

First of all, wow, I'm pleasantly surprised J'adore isn't dead. Anyways, I've waited this long for an update, I can stand to wait a little longer for a higher quality update. I'm more curious as to what the plan is going forward. Will you be going back underground immediately after the update or can we expect things have calmed down enough on your end so you can commit more to write?

It does'nt matter to me im cool waiting

Longer update later, RL first.

Your life coems first, I am more then willing to wait for a Chapter!

I can wait. I'm just happy you didn't just peace out

It seems to be a unanimous agreement thus far. First, focus on you. When you got spare time, you can work on J'adore. You need not feel any obligation to please strangers on the internet.:heart:

Whatever allows you to make something you’re proud of is more than fine by me. Take all the time you need.

Besides, I’m pretty much in the same situation right now.

Happy to wait for it brother

Take as long as you need. I was scared you pulled a Sarcastic Brony or a BusterKnutt

Longer update later. I'd rather have quality than something terrible.

Good to see you’re still alive! Take your time!

I agree with the majority. Longer wait, for better content is always worth it. None of us would be happy if it got rushed and it ended up crappy. But good to see you're still around a kicking! :twilightsmile:

Longer later is the obvious choice. :twilightsmile:

Don't rush it. Or it will taste undercooked.

I know the problem Biker, take your time, we'll be here, waiting patiently for the goodness.

Another story to reread again lol
Anything to keep the fire going 🔥

What happened to them?

They left. Permanently, if their final posts were to be believed.

Age it like a fine wine, my friend. Get that quality in like you always do. As a bonus, it'll give me plenty of time to re-read and catch up on this masterpiece.

I'm glad to hear you're still around. I'm with the majority here. I'd rather have a larger update later than a small rushed one now. Take your time. I look forward to reading the update when it's ready.

When your finished it'll be great

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