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    Movie Review: Belle


    Find a theater near you showing it, and go watch it. It is a beautifully animated, well directed movie with wonderful music. Go see it! You won't be disappointed!

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  • 3 weeks
    Short Hand: Human Mating Rituals

    Shepherd has finished his morning training with Chewie. He walks up to his house, where the Elements of Harmony are relaxing in his backyard.

    Shepherd: sigh "Why do you always hang out in my backyard?"

    Pinkie: "You don't change your locks often enough!"

    Dash: "Wow Pinkie. Just going out with that?"

    Pinkie: "It's a joke, silly! Shepherd knows this!"

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    Short Hand: Pony Fever

    A number of stallions trot up to Shepherd as he has a hard cider with Big Macintosh.

    Shepherd: "Hey guys. What can I do for you?"

    Lucky: "We want your body fluids!"

    Shepherd: "Pardon?"

    Caramel: "Well... Basically, we want to know why you're so attractive to mares!"

    Thunderlane: "Stop stealing our mares, you jerk! You got pony fever, boy! PONY FEVER!"

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    Plot Bunny Theater: Ascension

    Alicorn ascension is a subject for a lot of fics, and it can be done badly. But it could also be done in interesting ways. For instance, by accident.

    An Earth pony family digs deep into the Earth Pony Magic during foalbirth. Tapping into the magic of the Earth, as far as they can to keep their foal alive. And when he comes out, the foal... Ascended into an alicorn.

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  • 4 weeks
    The Sentencing of Shepherd

    Shepherd is held in chains in front of Celestia in an Equestrian court.

    Celestia: "Andrew Shepherd! You stand accused of breaking hearts and leading on many needy mares!"

    Shepherd: "Wha-That's a crime?!"

    Celestia: "IT IS NOW!"

    Luna: "HEAR HEAR!"

    Fluttershy: "YEAH! I-I mean, um... yeah!"

    Applejack: "Ya man whore!"

    Dash: "Oblivious stallion!"

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Plot Bunny Theater: Twilight Express · 7:26pm Nov 7th, 2019

Twilight Sparkle attempts to help organize the businesses of Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. Getting this experience and feeling the thrill of wheeling and dealing, she decides to start her own business! Pony Express: A delivery company using an airship she designs and builds herself to go all over Equestria and deliver goods and services!

Naturally it becomes a bit of a crazy adventure generator/disaster: Especially with the strange crew of a purple one eyed captain pegasus, an alcoholic kleptomaniac gray unicorn cook, and an orange, dimwitted but loveable Earth delivery pony.

"Good News, everypony!"

An obvious Futurama fusion but potentially a fun one.

Comments ( 4 )

:rainbowlaugh: I'd read it.

:fluttercry: Why would you put poor li'l Derpy out of a job?!

I feel like the Pegasus should constantly get hit on by Blueblood.

And the unicorn should instead be an unreformed changling. (An indentured servant Twilight purchased from Chysalis, maker of Mom's Friendly Indentured Servants Company).

And Twiligh should hire Silverstream as her bubbly intern, at least in part because her family owns most of Mount Aris.

Also, in this world where Twilight focused more on business instead of government, when Celestia and Luna decided to retire they could not give the job to Twilight, so instead the new ruler of Equestria is Chancellor Neighsay's Head in a Jar.

Oh and the airship is powered by dragon poop, donated by Spike.

And Zecora should work as Twilight's accountant. And Twilight should hire a yak as the company doctor, who lives in the trashcans outside the Palace of Friendship.

And the bumbling earth pony should be Rockhoof, who was frozen in time for a thousand years!

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