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OC spotlight: Dork Dude · 5:33am Nov 7th, 2019

We gon just keep on hurtlin' backwards in time until we bounce back forward to my current OCs. This one's hailing all the way back from third grade.


Y'all like Captain Underpants and Spongebob? I liked Captain Underpants and Spongebob. The only way I can reasonably explain what the heck Dork Dude even is is... a a walking, talking head. Like, take Spongebob. He's basically a head with limbs and a pretty small section of body, right? And he's square too. Dork Dude's like that, except he's straight-up a head. He has no body. He's a head with arms and legs, and his face is like 95% of him in total.

Now throw in the same comic-book style of art and storytelling as Captain Underpants, scale it all down to an actual elementary schooler's work, and you've got Dork Dude.

He wasn't even funny, in hindsight. If I remember correctly, the first "comic book" I made about him featured him falling off the side of a mountain on the first page.

That's pretty much it for Dork Dude. The next character we'll take a look at is gonna be the first fan-character I ever made, and he's actually got a little bit better writing behind him.

Also, yeah, somewhere along the way I switched over to heavily female OC casts in the things I write.

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He has no body. He's a head with arms and legs, and his face is like 95% of him in total.

His name is now MODOF: Mental Organism Designed Only for Failing. There are very good reasons for this.

I forgot how ugly MODOK was :pinkiesick:

Seriously though, Techie: you could have replaced most of that physical description with a link to TvTropes.

Ok. Didn't know that existed. :derpytongue2:

I love sharing weird facts with people who don't know about them. ^_^

Well... that's a Marvel moment.

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