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Considering. · 9:18pm Nov 5th, 2019

In the Equestria tales, I've alluded a lot to the past history of Private Iceland and his friends. They had to deal with Barricade when he was still a jerk and other adventures. The biggest and most blatant of those happened in Last of the Dark Ponies. I pretty much confirmed that Private, Foxy and Dew did go on time-traveling adventures with Doctor Whooves. Confirmed that Hard Shovel and Mirage Rock are on speaking terms with Daring Doo, since all three are archeologists and have had to deal with Caballeron.

The thing is though, the Equestria tales start rather late in their lives. Barricade gets his butt handed to him by King Sombra and starts reforming, Private, Foxy and Dew have retired from traveling with Whooves. Hard Shovel and Mirage Rock are now close to retirement age and probably want to start focusing on spoiling all these grandchildren Barricade has provided them. Private and Dew might, in the end, provide them some as well.

We see the last time Private, Dew and Foxy have to deal with Jerk Barricade in The Time Keeper of Ponyville. Caballeron was removed by King Sombra himself, when he gave the guy a sack full of money and told him to leave Barricade and his family alone, forever. Caballeron wisely took that deal instead of a more painful one in the story In Old Manehattan.

So, I've actually been considering writing a series of one-shots or short stories that go into this past history. Yes, Private has had unwritten adventures with Daring Doo, she doesn't write about them at the request of Hard Shovel as a professional courtesy. Although I like to think she's given a nod to them through unnamed characters in her novels. I wouldn't mind writing a few more stories where Barricade is still the bully he used to be and other things some of the characters have done, prior to the event that changed all of this, King Sombra possessing Private.

This is all in consideration stages at this point; I'll probably finish writing Rage of a Queen. Wrath of a Mother first before making any kind of commitment. But it is certainly an idea I would very much like to write.

That's all for now.

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