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Her time has come... · 5:09pm Nov 5th, 2019

To all those who follow me...

My family's Welsh Terrier, Kassie, has reached the point where we need to say goodbye. She's old, blind, and while healthy enough to walk and move, she really can't do much other than eat right now and walk into corners. In fact, she nearly strangled herself using a drawstring bag on a coat rack the other day, which was not a fun thing to come home to and save her from...

Anyway, we'll be taking that step at 3 tomorrow, and even though I knew this was coming someday...

That dowsn't make it hurt any less. Kassie's been with us for over 16 years of her life, and I'm going to miss her so much.

Send your prayers, guys.

Until we meet again, across the rainbow bridge...

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Comments ( 13 )

Extreme hugs and comfort

I'm sorry bud, hope things get better soon tho..

You have both my sympathies and condolences dear author.

You have both my sympathies and condolences dear author.

I am sorry for your loss my pal.

(Pours shot glass)
Across the bridge
(Downs shot glass)






Thanks guys, it means a lot. She's been with me for so many years, it's hard to see her go. But it's her time. Nothing I can do about that.

I hope you recover from this and I wish you all the best though she will be gone she will NEVER be forgotten

I know the feeling.....and I may feel that again in the near future.

Like I said before I'm sorry for your loss, my oldest cat is like 18 and he's due sometime this year or next, and as before, hope things get better and all, I feel depressed




I'm happy to have such friends as you, guys. Thanks so much.

o7 be strong... you'll see your dog again one day...

Im sorry for your loss

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