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Teaser #2 · 9:41pm Nov 3rd, 2019

I'm really struggling to put into words how bloody excited I am about getting this story out to the world. It's been such a long time since I last wrote something I connected with at a fundamental emotional level like this, and I've genuinely not been able to stop coming back and tinkering with the current draft, even though I've had far more important things to do with my time this weekend. Whether that translates into a quality read you'll have to judge for yourself—it might well be awful! :unsuresweetie:—but at the very least it's the most passionate I've felt about one of my stories for a long while.

The current draft of Mesa (working title) is just shy of 8,000 words, and I expect the next couple of revisions to tip it over that threshold. I'm well on target to reach publication by this Thursday/Friday (I'm still trying to decide which day will be better site-wise). But in the interim, why not have another rough draft paragraph to keep your excitement levels up.

Also because I'm so bloody excited!

The sun of the Dragon Lands was doing its usual thing and setting with belligerence. Lurking close to the horizon, it bled out its colour, staining the world in echoes of its image. The sky undulated with bands of copper and bronze and fire, pressing low against the land between Cinder's Table and the distant jagged bruises of mountains. The shadows of canyons and crags sliced the terrain into pieces, fat wedges of gloom that were fickle and ever changing, ever growing.

Dragon Lord Ember stood her ground as she faced the spectacle, her feet planted apart and her arms folded. She narrowed her eyes at the burning orb, silently challenging it to earn its place in her memory, to defy her and to try and take what it dared. She knew it was a stupid weakness of hers, that it was less a battle and more a scripted performance, but sometimes she had no choice but to indulge it. Sometimes you had to take the easy wins to build resilience for the tougher ones. And there were undoubtedly tough ones ahead.

Her father would have laughed at her for that no doubt, but Ember didn't mind. Reflection was a deeply strange and unpleasant activity, but if it helped her move beyond the shadow of her father's legacy then it was worth it every time. Well, almost every time.

Not long to go now, folks! EXCITEMENT!!

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