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"What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors." -Robert E Lee

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  • Sunday

    If you're super worried about the Coronavirus, here's some info that might make you feel better

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  • Sunday

    Some hunters across from my grandparents' house fired off a shot claiming that the dogs were across the road, even though the camera pointed at them proved them wrong

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  • Saturday
    Iron Sabbath Full Albums

    The Sabbath (1991)

    Preacher (1992)

    The Westerman Family (1994)

    Rampage (1995)

    Aces High (1996)

    Barbwire Noose (1997)

    Thunderstorm (1998)

    Bleeding Sunset (1999)


    Hell on Earth (2001)

    Black Thunder (2002)

    Battlefield USA (2003)

    Blades of Fury (2004)

    Celestial (2005)

    Ravens Cry (2006)

    Blackjack, Feat Lemmy (2007)

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  • Saturday
    2024 Confederate Candidates

    James Robert Chapman

    Party: Whitetail

    Age: 52

    Religion: Southern Baptist

    Previous terms: 1

    Arron Tyler Thattchir

    Party: Whitetail

    Age: 52

    Religion: Southern Baptist

    Previous terms: N/A

    Kelly Thomas Andrews

    Party: Progressive Liberalist/Socialist

    Age: 39

    Religion: Methodist

    Previous terms: N/A

    Abraham Perry Wilson

    Party: Democrat

    Age: 63

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  • Saturday
    Crimes of Arron Thattchir on his road to Presidency

    1. While running for mayor of Canterlot he was accused of gathering funds by illegally selling Moonshine, while not illegal to sell, it can only be done by licensed dealers

    2. He was also accused of poisoning the man running against him in the 2019 mayoral reelection though he denied these actions and the candidate denied charges

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History of Niln I: Before Man · 6:06pm Nov 2nd, 2019

Niln was not always the way it is now, to know what it was like we must go all the way back to before the first Vildrians Came (Vildrians being the natives of the kingdom of Vildria now Chridenfell). At this time (Pre Written Era) Stelai was under little control, most who lived there that weren't animals lived underground like the Dresgarians (Modern day Dwarves) and Steens which were goblin-like creatures that are very mysterious since they could not write (Most races didn't), those weren't the only ones but you understand. The Dwarves lived mainly in modern-day Niln, Equestria, Rianella, Dravand, and Jularth and were much less advanced as they are now and even more divided (Hard to unite when you lived in underground caves), but they lived fairly peaceful lives isolated from the outside world. This was below Stelai and Niln, but above ground, it was very different. Large Mammoths roamed the cold Northern landscape and were prayed upon by the packs of great wolves that roamed the land, these wolves stood taller than Northerners and would kill any form of food they could find. But they faced one major threat. Giants, who herded the mammoths like cattle across the vast landscape, they were also fairly peaceful and met at large villages to trade with each other. But of course, life would definitely change for the worse over the centuries for them

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