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Has anypony tried Vegemite or Marmite on buttered toast? · 10:20am Nov 2nd, 2019

It's so delicious if you eat it the right way. Put only a small amount on buttered toast. Never ever spread it like Nutella or peanut butter because it's super salty. It smells like soy sauce which is not bad at all and it has a rich umami flavour similar to roast beef or instant noodle seasoning.

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Comments ( 4 )

I've tried Marmite, wasn't a fan.

Did you put a small amount?

Admittedly it was pretty large chunks, I ate it because I'd always heard Doctor Who fans refer to episodes as Marmite. (As in you either love or hate them!) Plus aside from curiosity the one I tried said it had tons of vitamins.

I was curious to try Vegemite after Ian from Smosh tried it and obviously hating it by giving it a negative fifteen million out of ten. I'd give it a positive twenty billion out of ten. I get it that's it not for everyone, but for people to spread it like Nutella is just facepalm-worthy.

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