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A Brony that loves to meditate and reflect on life. Loves to tell story's and loves to be honest. Amateur animator, 3D modeler, art creator, and good-hearted critic. ...I like anime too..

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    I just spent three hours on this!


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    I forgot to add this here.(。_。)Its actually a pony video.

    So ya, I did this and well...it is somewhat dated when i was editing, but I intend to finish it.

    Let me know what you all think about it.:derpytongue2:

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    So far so good ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

    I have a new video up!

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    It's out of theme, but I did promise to post it next in my update video so...

    Anyhow, I have half of a chapter for both of my stories finished!!!

    My strategy is doing good so far, but can it hold for more than a week?...we shall see.

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    My old SFM experience!/ upd

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    Official update and story news.

    Happy nightmare night every Bronies!!!

    Hello, I am back, and boy has it been a long time.

    Long story short, I was.....hesitant, to jump right back in as the series was reaching its inevitable end.

    I'm pretty sure anyone can guess why I wasn't exactly thrilled to write again.

    But through a series of blessings and misfortunes, I had gotten back what I lost.

    My inspiration.

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Official update and story news. · 10:46am Nov 1st, 2019

Happy nightmare night every Bronies!!!

Hello, I am back, and boy has it been a long time.

Long story short, I was.....hesitant, to jump right back in as the series was reaching its inevitable end.

I'm pretty sure anyone can guess why I wasn't exactly thrilled to write again.

But through a series of blessings and misfortunes, I had gotten back what I lost.

My inspiration.

Just recently we have lost an irreplaceable member of our family. A dog named Kiss Kiss.

By one-of-a-kind, I really do mean one-of-a-kind.

I'll have to tell you all about her later.

Losses have been happening all around me recently, and the biggest concern in my mind is the three old ladies in my life.

My only living grandma, who had suffered a stroke last year and is now shown symptoms that suggest that she is starting to make a downhill climb.

My neighbor Mrs. Seale who had several accidents that while not serious was still enough to make me feel uneasy, especially since her husband is in an elderly home due to his mental deterioration.
He is still happy for what I hear, so long as they get him beds to tear apart as he was a constant handyman.

Last but certainly not least is my second-grade teacher/piano teacher, Mrs. Gibson.
She is the kind of person who didn't give up on you very easily. She gave me a love for learning again when I had lost it long after I was taken out of the school system.

she help me achieve some skills in music, which I am infinitely grateful for.

All three of these people knew I was a writer and video editor, desperately trying to get on my own two feet.

Shame, regret, and helplessness plagued every day of my life as forces beyond my control kept kicking me down, even to this day.

However, all three of these sweet old ladies never see a failure when they look at me, they see something rare and precious. Which I accepted to be the truth long ago.

It may not sound like much of a reason to get back into fanfiction, but it's so much more than that.
The reason I had been trying to write fanfiction for years is simply to create a unique and exciting story that I can give to people freely.

And that is why I'm here. I intend to make several stories before the time comes when I have to say goodbye to all three of these icons in my life, each representing something different to me.

No, it does not mean that I will stop writing the moment all three are gone, but it does mean that I need to take liberties in a way I've been writing for years.

The longest time I've been doing things all wrong, and when I was doing it right, something came around and crushed that bit of progress... And my family never knew that they were the cause of my dying inspirations.

My parents are indifferent to me being a brony, but they are not enthusiastic either.
My little brother mocks me, which was expected since he is my little brother; however, it is amplified when he tells his friends about it.

And my sister, who travels all over the country, who makes far more money than I could dream of making a year, who has a kid of her own and her boyfriend that I absolutely admire, a sister who is younger than me, looks at me and doesn't expect anything much to come in any distant future.

My sister is not ignorant, she is actually quite a smart little midget who had a rough start at the beginning. But it's hard to look up to your big brother when he has a fanboy mentality for MLP... Enough said, right.

Ever since I became a brony clear back in 2013, I have been struggling to get my self some confidence. But without anyone realizing it, they had actually inadvertently taken me down.

But when my five little cousins (who were all boys by the way) go out of their way to ask me for an MLP related story, and actively engage in it, I knew I had something to offer.

It only became cemented when I told three specific old ladies my ideas and received a mixture of surprising interest and encouragement.

The fanfiction I have on this site right now, for example.
I had told my grandma about the concept of the story and some of the details of the first two chapters.

She stated how fantastic the idea was(which was a real compliment since she was a real stickler about stories) and asked me where I heard of the concept.

I cannot describe to you how good it felt to tell her that I came up with the idea all on my own.
Her reaction was priceless to me.

Nothing but compliments from all three of these pillars in my life have urged me to press on.

And press on I shall, starting with this blog.

I had initially expected to have had a chapter done on Halloween, however, due to a few mishaps on the road, I was unable to complete it.

But it was great to get back into the writing crunch and watch my story come to life!

So while I cannot provide a chapter had intended to complete for Halloween today, I can give you all the second best thing I can.

three more stories to share with you all!

The first story is called (The dark days Circus), which is a Tricksy related story that was going to be my first original story on this site.
But I had stopped because I did not trust my writing skills at the time. Much like all the other times when I always told myself it's not good enough.
Now that I'm far more experienced and confident about my writing, I can now tell you that only a few significant things were off about it. Which will be rectified very soon.

The second story is actually a collection of smaller stories based on an original villain character that I was inspired to create after hearing a song so long ago titled (the dark one), which to this day I do not know the artist who did it...

I knew he was a Brony who use a couple MLP illustrations with some pretty bad photoshopping. But nonetheless, the song would not leave my head when I first heard it.
I would listen to it over and over and over again, all while the picture was drawn in my mind.
One day when I tried finding it, I was dismayed to realize that it was gone.

By I would never be able to shake off the meaning in the song, which was of an entity whose alone in a desolate wasteland, empty and hollow, evil and conniving, intelligent and deceitful. A character whose very presence made the land sick and tainted. This entity was known as the dark one.

And thus my first trademark character came to be. No one anyone here would know about as I had never mentioned the character before, and even if I did, how many other people here have heard of the title of some overlord or some other creature that went by the same name?

A lot, that's how many.

But I assure you, this dark one, is not a character you've heard of before.

The story will be a chronicle of sorts, with different timelines and events that are all are linked.
While the frequent critic can easily see that a collection of stories like this cannot be enjoyable for people who like happy endings.
But I will state this right here and right now.

I hate bad endings, and I hate endings that leave more questions than answers when it's all said and done!!!

With that in mind, I hope you will give it a try when it comes out.

Now the third and final story is actually a break off of another story I have in the works, one of which is the biggest I've ever told or conceived of.

The third story was about, well, me in a way.

When you read enough stories like I have, you can start seeing some patterns in writing.
For me, it was a click of inspiration after reading to specific stories in particular.
Though stories were( past sins ) and ( Foal of the Forest )

After reading these two stories, something clicked. Even though (past sins) was among the first stories I read and (Foal of the Forest) was years after, something still snapped into place.

I want to make a story that would have an impression that people can get in level with. And I had it, but I did not dare to touch it until I had a few more stories up, but seeing as how things are, now's as good a time as any other to announce it.

I want to make a story that essentially took every single story that inspired me and got my critical curiosity and successfully got me to love it. Everything that this fandom ever gave me, I want to give some back to everyone.

I will not reveal the name of the story just yet, but I will tell you that you can still learn some intriguing things from the story I will post before it.

Another collection of stories, or rather, in this case, a story full of pre-recordings.

An entire story that involves the youngest characters relaying to you, the audience, their experiences, and hardships. Their thoughts and their feelings. Their darkest secrets to their brightest moments.

The story is called (the secret recordings of the Free Crusaders)

The reason I am posting this pre-canon story is that I can buy some time to shape and morph the story into what needs to be as it will literally have multiple stories crammed into one.

No, I don't mean that there's going to be a dozen or so of each and every character, no, what I mean is that I am taking certain elements from each story and make one massive story that cannot possibly be forgotten.

One of my works yet, but it's not complete until I have one thing.

I need to ask each and every creator in my mental list for their permission to use their characters or their stories on my own. And thankfully, I already have permission from one of the most important pieces in the story. And he said yes.

His name is pen stroke... I'm going to let that sink in for a moment.

Not hyped about the idea just yet?
Well, I've got news for you. Guess what I'm dropping on y'all tomorrow... The first chapter of the pre-canon series!!!!

It gives me enough time to run down everyone I need to get permissions while at the same time giving you all a taste of this goth-like world setting that I've worked so hard to make!!!

I will use some characters before I get permission anyways, as some authors and creators have not been around for a while.

so unless they decide otherwise, I will assume that I have their blessing so long as I give them credit.

I plan to have a list of everything I intend to cram into this story paired with the authors and creators that helped bring them to life written up and posted in a blog in the very near future.

hopefully, by the time I announce the official name of the story, there will be a pretty positive reception to it.

anyways that's it for now, thank you for reaching the end.

If you want to see how our Halloween turned out, there will be a link in the description below (hopefully by tomorrow)
which will take you to a video I made of me with my aunt and four of her little boys going trick-or-treating with some hilarious moments during a night with endless fun.

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you again, and have a beautiful day! :trollestia::facehoof:

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