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Aural Spooks · 9:05pm Oct 29th, 2019

Because it's spooky season.

Howdy y'all.

If any of you have been reading some of my more recent horror stories, you can probably hazard a guess that Halloween is one of, if not my most favourite holiday. Unfortunately, I’m afraid my Halloween offering this year isn’t going to be particularly scary per se, more in line with my usual fare instead, and it would be a crying shame to leave you all thoroughly unspooked.

Fortunately, Robsa990 and a bunch of other talented voice actors and actresses have come to the rescue with a wonderful audio reading of Don’t Open The Door (and I promise I’m not just saying it's great because I wrote it).

You can find it right here! Make sure to listen with the lights off, pull your covers up tight, and ignore the thing knocking at your door.

And whatever you do, don't let it in…

As for the story I’ve been working on, it should be out either tomorrow or the day after. I’m working on a pretty tight deadline here, after all! For now, I’ll leave you only with the title, although I’m sure you can imagine the rest...

Hugs and kisses,

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I ship it.

Simple and concrete but quite intriguing.

That gif will haunt my dreams.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid my Halloween offering this year isn’t going to be particularly scary

but grimm i like the spoopy stuff

Jaysus pleezus.. Mas spooky por favor :pinkiegasp:
Seriously though, you've quickly put up some top examples of horror this year, thanks!


I'm sorry, I should have added a spook trigger warning.

Never fear! There will definitely probably be more horror stuff down the line, but I kinda want to write some more lighthearted things for a little while. Preferably before I get typecast.

No offense, but I'd already kinda typecast you into the erotic genre, so your horror stories blew me away.
I love seeing the dark side of the moon :rainbowdetermined2:

Damnit Grimm, you know by now I'll read whatever you put out, but I'll say I'm a bit glad to see you making something lighthearted again. Your sad and your horror are all so incredibly good at evoking just the right feeling you're going for, which is a testament to your skill, but man they put me through the emotional wringer. :ajsleepy:

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