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The Eternal Problem · 4:32pm Oct 28th, 2019

You may have noticed that, right after the finale, I published a story.

The premise is simple: what if the ponies didn't win against Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek? What if the wendigoes moved in and turned the world into a frozen wasteland?

Welcome to The Eternal Problem, a world Luster Dawn has grown up in. The last remaining bastion of harmony is the Crystal Empire, and much has changed in the last few decades. The outside world is a frozen waste - but life has found a way to continue. It always does.

The fun part? I'm going to write every chapter of this story through Livewrites! You can follow along if you want right here:


Leave comments as I go, talk in the discord server, what have you. This story is a work of art in the making.

"But GM, aren't you sick?"

Yes! Yes I am! I am quite sick right now! But I want to write something to get some enjoyment out of life right now, so that's what we're doing! TO THE FROZEN FUTURE WHERE FLURRYWAVE IS ABOUT TO BE CREATED.

-GM, master of Flurrywave.

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