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salty dragonborn, stormrider, dream weaver.

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  • 2 weeks

    so i'm still here, trying to kick and claw my way back to whatever my normal is. the will to write has been eluding me, despite opening my chapters to work on them. the words won't flow, and i swear my muse is a sadist or something. i even took the time to try and write a contest piece, but that deadline has already come and gone. it'll get pushed to the back burner until i get the mojo to finish

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  • 7 weeks
    the coyote falters

    the pony, grizzled as he was, had grown concerned. his normal furry guest who forever hopped on his things, using her teeth to fetch and retrieve hadn't come by his simple abode. she was there every dawn and every dusk, lingering with her trusting amber eyes on his. there hadn't been a lovingly annoying lick at his ears to wake him, and at dusk there was no sound of paws thumping on the wood.

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  • 22 weeks
    my skyrim fanfic

    after a lot of laziness searching, i finally have a home for my skyrim fanfic! and yes, this features the salty dragonborn as seen in Mail Troubles by Penalt.

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  • 25 weeks
    luck part 2 electric boogaloo

    chapter two of the devil you know is coming along smoothly, i'm not forcing a deadline or anything just writing when i can. so far i've been able to do a couple hundred words at a time, so before i know it it'll be ready to go out for publishing. here's to hoping i can keep chugging along when i feel the little bug to just let the story flow, i'm getting a little tired of putting my babies

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  • 27 weeks

    as luck would have it, i've managed to push out the first chapter of a new story: the devil you know. it's a daybreaker fic, and i'm excited about exploring the concept of a no-holds-barred villain who does whatever she wants to achieve her own ends.

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frustrations · 3:00am Oct 27th, 2019

seems that right now, life is frustrating. my family won't chill out and give me any peace, and while i've been trying to finish chapter two of in the land of dreams, i have found that i struggle to write a single sentence, let alone a paragraph. i don't try to force it and i just save what i have to work on it later, but it's frustrating that the words won't come. i've already decided that the story will end in the third chapter since i'm basically writing the climax, but i am also struggling in how to get there.

so i've tried to write something else. anything else. the only thing that flows from my fingers is roleplay, but that's not really helpful for trying to tell a story that is just me at the helm, not me and another player. i've had no inspiration for pony 2.0, none for stormriders, hell not even my skyrim fic because it's just in a scene that i don't want to write right now.

so i'm frustrated, and i'm stuck. i've considered just whipping out something silly and nonsensical to try and knock the cobwebs loose, but who knows how well that will go.

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