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MLP Fan Made Project Surveys · 5:28pm Oct 26th, 2019

For anyone who has a Google account, two surveys have been released for people to fill in for the MLP Fan Continuation Project - The Magic Continues. Please take the time to go through the surveys and answer the questions.

The following surveys are linked below:

Fan-Episode Content Survey

Fan-Episode Interest Survey

Everyone on board with this project will be much appreciated for more people to take part in these surveys, as this information is essential for the project. The more responses, the more we have to work on! For more information, click the FiMfiction group link or join the Discord group today! This link expires in 24 hours, so be quick!

A special thank you to everyone for their support. We wouldn't have done this without you all!

Report TheMysteryMuffin · 91 views ·
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Comments ( 5 )

Glad to hear it

I'm being credited directly for the group project's surveys now? Oy vey... :unsuresweetie:

I mean, without everything you've done so far, this project would never have taken off. So thanks for getting others and me involved. I'm sure it'll come out brilliantly in the end.

Yes, but still, it's not "my" survey, it's a survey I put together for the group, and thinking about it, I'm glad to be given credit, but the project isn't about me, nor is it really my project. Its the fandom's project. After all, we're not going to call it "The Magic Continues by Raccoon"...

Could you maybe take my name out of the title?

Sure thing, hon. I can do that.

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