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    Delays in updates for Rage.

    As I feared, as we go into the second half of Rage of a queen, updates will not be as clockwork regular. I did have to sit down and rewrite most of the second part, and I just first today sent chapter 12 to the editor, but I'm hoping it will be ready sometime this week, but I much rather delay the update and give you a good chapter, than a poorly edited mess if I just let my own editing suffice.

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    Apologies for late update.

    I noticed I didn't press the publish button for chapter 9, of Rage yesterday, but that has been fixed.

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    Rage is on.

    Well first chapter of Rage of a Queen. Wrath of A Mother is up. I hope you all enjoy this crazy ride as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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    So what's after Rage?

    Now that I've revealed that I've already finished writing nearly half of Rage, the sequel to last of the dark ponies, I probably should touch on what happens after that story is done and published.

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    Status on Stories.

    I am still very much alive, creatively though, I kind of just went quiet mostly because work got rather busy.

    I'm still writing Rage and I'm already finishing up chapter 12, which does mean I'm very close to the halfway point of the story (you may have noticed I don't really write that long stories, they rarely go past 20+ chapters)

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Chronological list of Equestria Tales stories, because story posting will happen soonish. · 5:33am Oct 26th, 2019

I've actually completed a short story I intended to have finished and posted this summer, but with how the summer turned out, well yeah it got delayed. However, that story is finished now and is in the process of being edited. So it should be published soonish or at least in the very near future.

So why not post the chronological list of the stories in the Equestria tales series to quickly show where all the stories fit in this now long series, eh?

To recap, the Equestria tales follows (mostly, though it's already violated show canon several times) the show up to the end of season 8. The comics are not considered canon though I still do make nods to them. There might also be nods to season 9 in later stories.

I've also put the list up on my front page, though on that one I'm only portraying the published stories.

The Brushie Chase (It is mostly set before the show starts)

The Tyrant of Fear and Hate This story is part of the Equestria Tales series though it happens in an alternate universe. (Happens in early season 2)

Rumble's best friend. (Happens during season 2)

In The Broad Daylight. (Happens shortly after season 2)

The Time Keeper of Ponyville. (Happens just before season 3)

Tango. (Happens in early season 3 )

Temor. This story is part of the Equestria Tales series though it happens in an alternate universe (Happens in early season 3)

A day in the life of Rain Storm. (Happens during season 3)

The Mysterious Explosion. (Happens mid season 3)

Possession in the Crystal Empire. (Happens mid season 4)

Breakfast Rewards. (Happens mid season 4)

Time Turner and Doctor Whooves (Happens mid season 4)

The King in the Mountain (Happens between season 4 and 5)

In Old Manehattan. (Happens around season 6)

The Last of the Dark Ponies (Happens in early season 7)

Their shared history. (completed, in post-production aka being edited. Happens somewhere mid-season 7 or so.)

The Sons of Barricade. Part 1. Cooper. (Happens in early season 8)

A mildly different School Raze (Happens during the events of School Raze at the end of season 8)

The sons of Barricade. Part 2. Chisel. (Still being written. Happens both during and after the events of School Raze at the end of season 8)

Rage of a Queen. Wrath of a Mother. (The Last of the Dark Ponies sequel, still being written. Happens after School Raze at the end of season 8)

As of yet unnamed sequel to Temor. (Still in pre-production.) It's a little more complicated when this story happens since the Temor universe diverts quite a bit from the show after season 3. Can't really say more without spoiling too much.

This list is not complete by a long shot, more stories will be added once I'm certain I will be writing them.

Until later

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