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Hello, I am Brony who likes more than just My Little Pony. I also like trains, classic tv shows, action flicks, WWII history and technology, and lots more.

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Notes on my Poiny Fanfics · 11:39pm Oct 23rd, 2019

Hello friends,
I am writing this journal to clarify things with my fanfictions that are in or relate to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Starting off, my fanfics are in my own headcanon and do not follow the series exactly the way it goes taking place prior to Keep Calm and Flutter On. When it comes to my stories, they will use elements from Seasons 4-8 (and only a small bit of Season 9, because that's my least favorite season). But they will not be in the exact same plotline.

When it comes to using characters besides the Mane 6, CMC, and Spike. That will still happen. But most of my stories will also focus on some characters that are not often given bigger roles in the show, (Ex: Zecora, Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Princess Celestia, Etc)
However when it comes to characters who are or were villains; My plotline works differently. To explain, Most of my stories will mostly use Discord as a villain. This is because while most of his actions had good intentions, they often lead to chaotropic results. Plus, in my personal opinion, Discord's not exactly the brightest bulb in my book. But this does not mean he won't be a good guy at all. Most of my stories will feature him as a good guy, but his role is more of a prankster who occasionally helps out in a jokeful way. A comic relief.

Then when it comes to other characters such as Trixie Lulamoon, Gilda, Diamond Tiara, and Starlight Glimmer, most stories will feature them as bad gals still, but in stories where they are good, I will not have their redemption be the same way as it was in the show. Why?

  1. Starlight's motivation to being a villain in the first place is a bit understandable but is utterly ridiculous at the same time. Especially since it drove her to try to destroy the past via time travel. If I have Starlight being rehabilitated, I will do it in a different fashion.
  2. Gilda was obviously a big jerk and bully, yes. And while I did enjoy the episode where she saw the error of her ways, I felt like it could be done much differently. But I won't have it be cheap.
  3. The Episode: "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" was a good episode, but it's not how I would've done Diamond Tiara's redemption. The fact her mother was only introduced as a scapegoat to show why Tiara is a big jerk was rather ridiculous. In my case, if there should be a story where Tiara sees the error of her ways, it will not be by how the episode did it. Instead, she pulls a trick that goes too far, which helps her see the light.
  4. Trixie is a cool mare, but I believe she didn't fully grasp the error of her ways after Season 3. If anything, the way how I would make Trixie see the error of her ways is for a rival magician or show mare that's twice as cocky to make her look bad. In other words, give her a taste of her own medicine.
  5. In other stories where these gals are good guys, the story will take place in a different universe where their antagonistic acts never happened to begin with. (Including Discord too)

Now moving onto to other characters, like The Changelings for example. I admit I was never into the new Changelings that came into the show after the Season 6 finale, and I was against using them. However, when Ocellus came into the picture, I had a change of heart. (Cause Ocellus is so damn cute! And I want to use her in my stories). So this is how the good Changelings came to be, after the Canterlot Wedding, several Changelings, lead by Thorax will rebel against Chrysalis leading to a big battle that splits the whole army in 2. One, where several Changelings are still Loyal to Chrysalis, and a second, lead by Thorax. And most of my stories will feature an OC Changeling, Figge. Who defects from Chrysalis' army, but let me explain, Figge was created before Thorax came into existence so, in stories featuring Figge, he is the first changeling to defect.

Moving onto other things, the Young Six will be featured in my stories, but they will be introduced in a different format then how they were in the show. Don't get me wrong, I do like Season 8 like any other brony, but I want to experiment with other methods of how they are introduced in the series. Cause, I think the School of Friendship is not really that big of a deal, personally. But there will be some stories where it is featured. But I will probably have it run by other characters while the Mane 6 are out doing their daily tasks.

In lines of the Cutie Mark Crusaders:
While I did say I enjoyed "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", I admit I was disappointed that the CMC's cutie marks were pretty one in the same, and I did enjoy them helping other cutie markless ponies find their talents, but when it comes to the Crusaders getting their marks, I will not be using the ones from the show, they will instead get their own, unique mark, unique to their characters.

Now, onto the biggest thing of all, the Princesses of Equestria. And I am also referring to Twilight, Cadance, and Flurry Heart.
As I've said before, I do not like how Season 9 changed Celestia and Luna. When I was first introduced to them, I saw them as wise leaders that were there to be for others in serious times. (and I even had a time where they helped me in a serious situation during a dream). But then when we have moments like Celestia foolishly sending Discord to face Tirek, or transferring the Alicorns' magic to Twilight, and especially retiring; that ruined the image I had for the main Princesses of Equestria. Don't get me wrong, I understand that's how the writers wrote it out, but I would believe Celestia would've realized Discord could've been manipulated by Tirek. Or not overlooked the fact there was a stained glass window depicting Twilight as a Princess in Canterlot Castle! I mean for a wise Princess those were very foolish moves. Also, I have no doubt Twilight can run Equestria on her own, but Celestia and Luna retiring from ruling Equestria pretty much ruined all of the traditions from Nightmare Night, Hearth's Warming Eve, etc. Well, to me at least. And I was also angered that the writers made Celestia afraid of Chickens! What?! A Full grown, adult mare, afraid of Chickens! Are you kidding me?! Now, there will be Stories where Celestia and Luna will pass down the throne, but not to Twilight, no. But down to their children. In most of my stories, Celestia and Luna will be married and have children. I mean, who else wished to see Celestia and Luna have families? And speaking of Families, my stories will also feature some backstory to Celestia and Luna's family. In fact, I even have a point in History where 7 Alicorns were ruling Equestria, lead by my OC, Grand Emperor Rukai. But that will be explained later. And in other stories, Celestia and Luna's parents are discovered and returned to Ruling Equestria, but in their own Kingdom, known as "Equinelantis" (which is based off of Atlantis from the Disney movie of the same name, and before you bring up Seaqeustria/Hippogriffa. I created this kingdom back in 2013.) Now moving onto Cadance, I have no complaints about her, but I will note, in some stories she will have some more children besides Flurry Heart, like that one OC Princess Skyla for example.
Now onto Twilight, I will share I do like Twilight as a Princess sometimes, but other times, I prefer her as a normal Unicorn. So, in most of my stories, Twilight remains a unicorn. But in stories where she is an Alicorn Princess, it will have several differences. Such as, instead of getting a brand new castle, Golden Oak Library will instead by upgraded into a giant Tree fortress. (But it will not have the same appearance as the Castle of Friendship) Basically, the tree will be magically grown into a much larger tree with more rooms, and other spots.
However, let me make this perfectly clear, I do not believe Alicorns are immortal! I never have, and never will. In my headcanon, the reason they still remain young is that they posse longevity, but they can also feel extreme pain and can die. And they also have limitations to how they use their magic in the field.

But one of the biggest things I will say is, Luster Dawn will not exist in any of my stories. Period. Do not ask me why or how. I am not using her, pure and simple.

In lines of shippings:
When it comes to shipping the characters, I will not use the cliche ones everyone uses, I will come up with my own or use the least known ones.
But these are the following I won't use: Twilight/Flash Sentry, Fluttercord, Celestia/Discord, AppleDash, Rarijack, VinylTavia, etc.
And lines of mares being with other mares, I will only use Lyra and Bon Bon because that shipping has been around for years.

Other notes:
Now, here are some other things I will share, most of my stories will also feature several unique OC Characters that are or aren't ponies. I will also feature OC Dragons, Zebras, Giraffes, and other mythical creatures that the show hasn't used. And the Elements of Harmony will still be used here and there, but I will also feature other magical artifacts or objects that differ from the Elements.

So there you have it, these are my guidelines to my stories in the Fanfiction universe. You don't have to like it. But I am sharing this with you all so I won't have to explain it several times.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this,
May the Force Be With You

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I have a good point on everything you said.

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