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    And don't forget to wash your hands!

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AUDIOBOOK, Chapter 12, and Other Updates! · 8:07pm Oct 22nd, 2019

Look, I know you missed me, I know it's been awhile, but I really gotta talk about this dank audiobook project first, okay? But for the impatient, the Chapter 12 draft has finally been sent to my editors.

So some of you might recall that I had began pre-production of an audiobook for Empty Horizons. It was fully casted with a ton of big names and a custom soundtrack and all that good shit. That was a fair while ago, and yknow, life being as it is, I found myself struggling to find the time to do write scripts, contact all the VAs, etc. etc. Honestly, it probably would've been wiser to write all the scripts before casting people. Either way, when I started hitting people up with gusto trying to finally get things really into gear, many of them didn't respond. Some of them did respond, but had to drop out anyways. To summarize, the project was dead in the water.

But luckily, the lovely Skijarama was one of the VAs (formerly would have voiced Whitehorn) and, seeing as he already had a whole YouTube channel dedicated to one-man fanfic readings, valiantly volunteered to take on the project himself. And so here we are, some time later, with the first chapter of the Empty Horizons audiobook coming out this Thursday, and with two chapters coming out every week until he reaches the end! Our soundtrack guy, Noc, is still on board and still churning out new pieces, and we've even got plans to produce a Sunken Horizons audiobook once I finish writing it! Whoo!

I've already listened to the first two chapters, and they are absolutely amazing. Skijarama does a fantastic job with the sound effects and the timing of the music, and it really adds a whole nother dimension to the experience. I legitimately feel like I'm experiencing the story for the first time, and I wrote this thing. I highly recommend that you support his Patreon so that you can experience each chapter a week early like I do!

Now, that handled... where the hecc have I been lately? I was on a roll, and it's been, what, two months now?

What can I say, it happens. A family trip to Arkansas—and I mean cabin-in-the-woods, one-bar-if-you're-lucky, no-WiFi Arkansas—royally fucked my rhythm. My dog even ran off into the mountains for three days before finally coming back just before we had to leave. I was 7k words into the Chapter 12 draft when I left, and it's taken me all this time to squeeze out the last 2k that it took for me to consider it ready for editing, and let me tell you, it was a slog. I cannot wait to open up a blank draft and get my mojo back.

Ah, what else is there to say? I joined an ArmA 3 unit! We do milsim operations every week, and it's a ton of fun. If any of you guys are interested in playing with me—and I mean like, you have to be dedicated enough to show up every Friday at least—then send me a PM or check out The Shermanator on YouTube! I admit that the unit is at least partially to blame for my lack of productivity lately.

Oh, and I got a new review, from the My Little Reviews and Feedback group! Thanks, Cyonix!

Anyways, I'll be starting on the Chapter 13 draft in a few days, probably, assuming that the required edits for Chapter 12 aren't too thorough. I also have some other projects I need to get done, writing-wise. Commissions are fun!

I'll see you around! And seriously, check out this audiobook when the first chapter drops this Thursday!

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Comments ( 6 )

Oh, I was wondering what happened to your dog. Good thing it came back!

Welcome to the Cult of Skijarama, you will never want to leave... :pinkiecrazy:

Will Omega:Vinctus be getting updates?

Most likely not, to be honest. Many of the creative ideas that I had with Omega have been re-integrated and improved upon in Empty Horizons, and frankly stories with canon characters are much more popular than those with an all-OC cast.

That being said, I do intend to try my hand at original fiction after I finish the Horizons trilogy, and there's a pretty decent chance that that story will be a humanized version of the story I had planned for Omega.

I'm looking forward it. I'm liking your stories, they're fresh and original.

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