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Blog fics, HCHL, Carole & Tuesday · 4:06pm Oct 22nd, 2019

I'm considering dumping two new fics into my blog like I originally did with Sincerely, Starlight. One is a RariTwi fic that I'm having doubts about from a creative standpoint, and another is an edgy OC story idea I had that sounded fun to write, but lacked any solid direction. If I could find an editor or pre-reader for either one, my feelings might change, but right now I'm not feeling super confident in these stories. Sincerely, Starlight had some decent attention when I blogged it, which was ultimately why I decided to post it as a proper fic. Though, site traffic has dropped quite a bit since last year, and so blog views are at a low. (At least for those of us with average follower counts.) Given all that, it'll be hard to gauge if anyone will give a shit. I'm just wondering if my uncertainty is because of lack of confidence, or if my instincts are right that these stories are falling short of my standards.

I may just say, "Fuck it," and post one (or both) of the fics. I feel on the verge of doing so. I suppose it isn't as if I couldn't just post them up later. If I do blog them (which is feeling more and more likely) I'll make a tag link on my profile page so that you can find all the relevant entries easily.

Now, as for HCHL... I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to posting a new update yet. I've been kind of consumed with these new side projects (the above mentioned being some). I really do have a draft started, but I'd say I'm just a third of the way through. I'm not sure if I can post before the month is over, since even after I'm done, I'd have to wait for edits. For sure though, I will do my best to have something in November. Fear not!

Heh, this is why I never tried to have a Patreon. I've had very generous people tip me in the past, but after I had a kid, keeping up with regular updates just became difficult. Maybe that'll change. We'll see. I'm already freer than I have been in a long while to pursue creative projects, and that's great!

Of course, this freedom has also left room for me to get back into consuming things I may not have had time for before. One example is Carole & Tuesday, which is an anime on Netflix. I just finished the first part. The next part comes in December. I think some of the criticisms of the show are valid: there are times it seems a little directionless, and some of the "twists" were easily predicted... But I really enjoyed the show overall. It was a great feel-good watch. Plus, who can say no to yuri subtext?

Not I!

I can, however, whine for more gay. So! I did some googling to find a non-subtext yuri anime, and just discovered Bloom into You. It's been very well-received, so I'm looking forward to it.

Nos vemos, amigos.

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HAving a patreon got kinda stressful. I just couldn't produce and people kept giving to it and argh.
I need!!! To Watch!!! That Show!!!!

Ooh yay! I'll definitely be looking forward to getting my hands on HCHL :pinkiesmile:

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