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I really hate Piñera · 8:28pm Oct 20th, 2019

Well, my country is fucked. Public transport prices went up, there were protests, and to mitigate the protests, our moron of a president closed the public train. By now, we have cabiners (police) and military on the streets, there's a night curfew, and police dressed as civilians are sacking the street markets at different communities in order to justify the repression.

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Comments ( 12 )

You have sympathy as I also have to deal with an idiot president as well *cough*Trump*cough* although I stay out of politics it doesn't mean I won't comment on the stupidity of the politicians on both sides.

We have a curfew of eleven hours in action as we speak, and under the constant threat of water and electricity shutdown. Piñera is not an idiot, is plain evil.

Take care up there, you my end up as us. After all, Piñera has Trump's same "cutthroat businessman turned authoritarian president" profile.

Where are you from?



Is there any way you can move here to the US?

I mean we have our problems here in the US but we don't have military patrolling our streets, or curfews. That sounds like a dictatorship.


I mean we have our problems here in the US but we don't have military patrolling our streets, or curfews. That sounds like a dictatorship.

It really isn't. Those people protesting were causing riots, stealing food and damaging public property. In fact, Maduro is supporting that people while calling for "peace" in Chile. The same thing happened in Ecuador a few weeks ago, it was all orchestrated by people sided with Maduro to cause public unrest in nations that are against Maduro.

Glad to hear you’re still doing well there! Was worried when I heard about the Santiago riots.

I’m thankful that our election here in Canada, we narrowly defeated the conservative (literally Conservative Party of Canada) party from being able to hold a minority government. Their empty suit of a leader was everything wrong with the political right nowadays - climate change denier, corporate bootlicker, life-time party man, proven chronic liar (dude lied about being an accredited insurance salesman, how sad is that?). Ran on a platform of the typical trash rhetoric and openly vowed to implement GOP inspired policy and bend-over for the US in negotiations. Say what you will about the Liberal party that won and their leader, I would pick them any day of the week over the Cons.

Things aren’t going to get as bad as they are down there from the sounds of it - thankfully - but I wish you all the best and hope that your country can sort things out before it gets worse. Take care!

Yeah, it's been... an interesting week.

Good for you, guys. You see, Piñera is more or less all you just described. Not much on climate change denial (he's an attention whore, so of course he invited Greta Thunberg to come here), but all of the corporate politician. Owner of a TV channel, airlines and a long list of others. And, considering he was already president in 2010-2013 (yes, we stumbled on the same rock twice), he may as well be the prototype of what Trump is.

And I totally understand you. I'm willing to vote for anyone as long as they're not affiliated to the UDI (the former dictatorship's official party) or RN (Piñera's personal party).

And thanks for the good wishes. Take care you too.


But if you really think this is good, it's only fair you know what you're defending:

Sentimentalism? I could use the same thing with linking Chileans (or Venezuelans) rioting on the streets and causing millions of property damage that nobody will want to pay for and then tell you that "this is promoted by the same people who celebrated the murder of over a hundred students in Venezuela and is celebrating the protest in Chile right now."

And I do mean, if Maduro is celebrating those protest against Piñera, then you should be worried. Nothing Maduro defends/celebrates is a good thing. And I say it because I'm yet to find something Maduro said and I commented "he is right" or "he did a good thing" and that include his criticism against Obama.

You're just being disingenuous. I've talked to and walked besides people that went last Friday to protest, and to people who have been the whole week protesting. If you want to dismiss it all, do so, but have the responsibility own it. Don't insult us by saying Maduro is the reason. We, the people of Chile, have our own voice, and after years of being shut into silence, it's about time we made it heard.

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