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A change of direction · 7:24pm Oct 20th, 2019

So, when I set out to write a spooktober halloween spoopy fic, I was like yeah, I'm gonna write a sequel to Entry #649 (good time to read it now!), a look into a few weeks gone horribly wrong for a poor little pony.

But of course, the thing is, not very many people really like horror, especially the kind of horror that actually gets under your skin and gives you bugs in your epidermis.

And as you know, I'm all about those SWEET VIEWS and GIANT CLICKS and I definitely absolutely HAVE TO BE IN THE FEATURE BOX FOR 8403 YEARS so please like, comment and subscribe.

Due to these truths of the universe that I am a horrible sex addict and an attention whore, I have decided to change the direction of this story.

First of all, I have removed absolutely all traces of Horror from the Horror fic. It is now a ROMANCE/SoL COMEDY, with elements of fluffing, kissing, and cuddling, mostly between a love-struck Fluttershy and a cold, cold suitor. Can Fluttershy melt her frigid heart and find true love?

Secondly, there will be absolutely no blood or death in the fic at all. You know who uses blood and death in their fics?

Freakin' Edgelords.

Thirdly, I have changed the narrative perspective from 1st person to 2nd person, because everyone knows that 2nd person is the BEST narrative so that YOU in fact feel like you are REALLY the anon in the story getting his dick floofed by Fluttershy's wang-wings.

Having made all these changes that my top advisers have told me will guarantee instant fame and quick click cash rebates, I believe I am nearly ready to post this story to the Intarwebs for virtual respect and acknowledgement, which is really the only thing left in my life right now since my wife, the mlp TV show, died earlier this month.

So please look out for the upcoming story, Dear Diary, a heartwarming tale about Fluttershy as she struggles through love, life, and the things that make everything worth it in the end.

Oh, and here's a sneak peak of the cover art!

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Comments ( 12 )

You had me going there for like a minute. If it weren't for the second person bit, I'd totally believe that you had, for whatever reason, decided the sequel should be a romance between Fluttershy and a horrible fish monster.

I would never subject a horrible fish monster to that.

I mean if any pony is going to be the one to fall in love with a fish monster, it's Fluttershy.

Amazing! Stunning! Will be the greatest romance since Twilight!

(ow fuck that hurt to write even sarcastically)

At first I was like, "What! I love some eggs-in-epidermis horror!" and then I thought, "Oh, wow, that really is horror." haha

Then I saw the cover art :rainbowderp:

Author Interviewer

This is the true horror.

That's a totally legit cover image for a 2nd person ROMANCE/SoL COMEDY. Totes.

Now that’s a cover

Read the fic and this is totally 100% honest with a totally super romantic fluff fic plus dick

And the joke is on me, because the main thing the story includes from this blog post is Fluttershy talking to "you" as the reader.

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