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    I have not seen the finale

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I have not seen the finale · 1:14pm Oct 18th, 2019

but I have heard some spoilers, and I have a proposition for everyone to consider.

Lil' Cheese, Cheese Slice, Pinkie's foal whatever their name is... they're genderfluid.

No this isn't just 'Hey let's have some representation up in here!' but a mix of factors. They have a filly bodypuppet despite being called male by word of god. Their persona, from what I've heard, is enthusastic to try anything (again, haven't seen the finale, just going off internet rumors). And their parents are Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, both of whom would have no problem with any of this.

Let the floodgates of debate open! No flames please.

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Author Interviewer

Also, transgendered is an option.

This doesn't have to be a big, hairy deal, but trust people to make it one. :B

I mean, for a single fic, that's a great idea and it could be run with and explored.

But as a default assumption, I'd say it needlessly complicates things. Probably simpler just to refer to Lil Cheese as 'he' in any fic where the idea of gender fluidity isn't the focus (or a main plot thread or serves some narrative purpose), if for no other reason than clarity and ease-of-reading.

-GM, master of igloos.

Needlessly complicates things and injects RL politics in my pony cartoon. No thanks.

There is an alternate universe tag too if you want to make something that differs from the canon.

In a recent tweet they said they never decided on its gender so it can be whatever you want.


Consider other staff said the script didnt say what lil cheese is, and they used the female model in show (eyelashes) , eh as good a headcanon as any i guess.

I put Lil' Cheese in the same bucket as the player character from Undertale, where their gender is whatever your plot requires because the writer(s) made it deliberately ambiguous. (Of course, Toby had a better reason for this in the form of going full metafiction on us...)

Personally I think Lil Cheese’s full name should be Cheese Fondue as it is the most party like cheese creation I am aware of. As far as gender identity goes I’m fine with whatever as long as it’s handled with some tact/respect.

Chara is cannon to my knowledge.

And that fact alone is a minor spoiler.

I'd say Toby disagrees in the fact you should play the game originally with your name to experience it fully first playthrough. I know I did. But after that... eh. I say their name is Chara.

'Needlessly complicates things and injects RL politics in my pony cartoons'

First off, it's not just your cartoon. And the same thing could be said about gay ponies. Transgender ponies should be okay to be seen. :/ Having a character be something different doesn't make it political. (Though i think Lil Cheese should be any gender based off the knowledge we have.)

Everyone dies... the end!

Literally genderfluid. As in, is whatever gender and matching physical sex it occurs to them to be at the moment.

(What with pony genetics already being remarkably plastic and party ponies already being a half-step from "friendly eldritch abomination" anyway.)


The only problem I forsee arising from this interpretation is, should it become a more commonly accepted headcanon, overenthusiastic fans of the concept will likely dogpile on people who aren't huge on the concept and try to write fanfiction with Lil' Cheese as cis, straight, etc.

But that's more a problem of our times than it is with the concept in general.

That’s an argument against the name Frisk, not Chara.

Right. Been ages since I played so I forgot.


Again, you have to beat the game at least twice to find out there's a difference; this whole conversation started with my attempt to obscure that and ended with failing spectacularly.

Okay, there appears to have been a miscommunication here, so let me clarify: I was only explaining why I didn't mention it, not shaming those with a dissenting opinion on spoilers and certainly not trying to get you banned over something this minor.

...So, I take it you haven't watched season 9 as a whole? Or just not caught up yet? If so, how far along are you? :derpyderp1:

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