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Hello! My name is DivineRoyalty, and I am an aspiring author, musician, and artist! I hope you enjoy!

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Although the show may be over... · 6:45am Oct 18th, 2019

Hello, all! I hope all is well!

I'd like to start by saying that this fan-base has changed my life. Had you told the me of about seven years ago that his life was going to be changed for the better by a show titled "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," I probably would have called you crazy. Now, looking back on it, I cannot help but be amused by that fact.

I first actually discovered this show in the waiting room of an Orthodontist Clinic, seven years ago. It was being played on the television that was present in that room, and me of then was bored out of his mind. I thought it silly to watch anything like that, because c'mon, this was a show for little girls, wasn't it? But, my boredom eventually got the better of me, and I tuned in.

The episode I watched was the one where Twilight Sparkle becomes an Alicorn, and although I wouldn't have liked to admit it at the time, I became generally intrigued about the nature of the show. Seeing this purple unicorn earn wings was a concept entirely alien to me, and my curious nature implored me to discover more.

Long story short, I got hooked.

For a time after 2015, I began to lose interest. Although I had enjoyed it for the time it had lasted, my interests began to move elsewhere, and a part of me wondered if my enjoyment of the show had been a result of a desire to revert back to a simpler time of my life (my parents had divorced three years prior, and it had created all sorts of trouble and problems in my life). Regardless, I stood ready to move on with my life, and go forward into whatever adventures may await me.

And then, that Summer struck.

In the Summer of 2016, I felt worse than I had at any other time in my life. Various sins of my past began to come to the forefront of my mind, and I began to think of myself as... worthless. Meaningless. Someone who did not deserve the life he had been given. I began to become my own worst enemy, beating myself up at every corner and every opportunity. Sometimes, I would lie in bed and simply cry. Other times, I would sit down, and stare off into space for seemingly hours on end. I thought I knew why I was the way I was, but my oh my did I not really.

In the Winter of the 2017, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. In retrospect, that diagnosis should not have surprised me: in my childhood, the number one thing I strove for in every and any situation was to be accepted. I wanted to be loved, adored even, by everyone I met, and it crushed me when I wasn't. Family issues did not make this any better--the after-effects of the divorce were still hitting me hard, and in more ways than one, especially since my father had remarried.

It was around this time that I came back to the show.

I really can't pin what it was that drew me back to it; perhaps it was a desire to anesthetize my pain through a show that espoused happiness and true friendship. Perhaps it was because it had been one of the few parts of my past I did not view with sadness or guilt. Regardless, despite the taboos within my family that might have been associated with a high-school student watching the show, I came back.

These past couple of years have been hard. I have seen just what depression is and what it can do, and the depths to which it can take a person. I have known self-harm. I have known self-loathing. I have known that feeling and thought that your family's problems are all because of you. I have known that feeling of wanting to measure up to something in your life, but fearing you never will. I've seen hatred, despair, sadness, regret, and most of all, fear...

...And yet, here I stand. I will never know why God loves me so much as to help me as he has, but he has. I will never truly be able to measure my experiences as contrasted to certain events, but here I am. God has lifted me out of the hole I was in, and has blessed me with so much since. He blessed me with so much before and during, as well, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is something I believe he blessed me with.

This show has done so much for me in so many ways. It has comforted me. It has encouraged me. It has strengthened me. It has consoled me. It has done so much in the time I have known it...

...And now it has ended.

Although it pains me to see it end, I must confess, I do not see its conclusion as its true conclusion. If the people I have met through this website are of any indication, this show has touched more than just my heart: it has touched many. It has changed the lives of so many people, from all over the world, from all walks of life. And I do not believe that anything that has had that much of an influence or that much of a life-changing effect will ever die in our hearts.

Friends, I implore you to take the lessons and joys you have learned from this show, and share them. Apply the lessons you have gleaned from it to your lives. Go forward into this dark world, and spread light. Spread joy! Spread friendship! Spread all that which is right and good in the ways that only you can! If there is anything this show has taught me, it is that everyone has their talent, their element. And know that you are not alone in your efforts, that there will be people who will stand beside you every step of the way through every walk of life! Where there is hatred, sow love! Where there is conflict, sow peace! Where there is division, sow unity! And where there are enemies, sow friendship. As a certain purple alicorn once said, "The magic of friendship grows!"

Although the show may be over, let its message never die. Although there may come a day when it fades from our memories, let there never come a day when we forget the principles, lessons, and experiences we gained from it.

With regard to the community of creators surrounding this show, know that I will continue writing about it for a very long time. Exactly how long, only God truly knows, and it is my hope that other people and other creators will continue to write, sing, animate, draw, and more about this show for many years to come.

To everyone reading this, I wish you the best of days. May God stand ever by your side, and may peace be with you. Here's to the past nine years of My Little Pony, and here's to the years of it to come!

On a side note, my apologies for dropping a part of my life story on you. I just feel like this message wouldn't have come across the same way without it. Maybe this entire message is just rambling nonsense, and maybe not. I don't know. I'll leave it for you to decide.

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I never will forget. Thank you for your comment! Here’s to all the show has done for all of us!

I'll admit the beginning of this reminded me of Tony Stark's epilogue at the end of Endgame.
I'm sure that was not your intention but I can't help but see that both that movie and the show's finale mark the end of an era.
It kind of sucks living in this generation that is seeing so much passing but I guess there's also something new that comes after.
Like The Doctor says⬇️

Another series that gives a good message. At least I believe so.



Friendship is not only magic, friendship is for life :twilightsmile:

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